Japan’s New Final Fantasy Fried Chicken Looks Crazy, Taste Good 【Taste Test】


The flavor of clear and dark crystals goes very well with a bottle of Moogle tea by Lawson.

In a Japanese city, you are never far from a grocery store, and you can expect this convenience store to be filled with all kinds of tasty temptations. When one of them happens to be Final Fantasy Fried Chicken, however, a trip to the Convenience Store ranges from optional side quest to mandatory main story content.

And that’s how I ended up outside my local convenience store chain branch Lawson Tuesday night. Beside its entrance, the store proudly displayed a banner of its fried chicken mascot character, Karaage-kun (which shares its name with the store’s own branded fried chicken), dressed as Final fantasy warrior of the Light.

For those who have not yet gained many experience points in Japanese convenience stores, the “fried chicken from a convenience store” may seem as appealing as the “gas station steak”, but rest assured, Karaage- kun has been a delicious product and a bestseller for decades in a country where sub-par prices are quickly ignored by many foodies in the country. For its partnership with the Final Fantasy franchise, Lawson has created an all-new Karaage-kun flavor: Light and Dark Crystal..

It’s not the only treasure that awaits inside Lawson for Final fantasy fans, however. Head over to the drinks section, and you’ll find cold bottles of Moogle Pon Pon tea, each with one of four cute creature friends. Two of them are Namazu and Korpokkur

… but let’s be real, those for whom we are here are Chocobo and Moogle!

After coming home without encountering any random monsters, I couldn’t help but notice how nice the color design looks on the Karaage-kun box, with high contrast hues that seem appropriate for a team with a series of video games known for their impressive visuals.

â–¼ How smart is it the slot for the included toothpick is positioned to make Karaage-kun of Light’s ally Moogle look like he’s wearing it.

Curious to see what clear and dark crystal flavor fried chicken looks like, I opened the lid and found it to be quite surprising.

Each piece of chicken seems to swirl with some sort of dark energy… but only on one side. Flip it over, and you have a “Light” side, which looks a lot more normal..

â–¼ Of course, this required Plates of Light and Darkness.

The reason for this dual nature is that the light and dark Karaage-kun is a combination of two flavors: black pepper and tarter sauce. Believe it or not, there’s even more battle between light and dark inside, as its cross section is unlike any other fried chicken I’ve ever seen.

If you didn’t know what it was beforehand, it might actually be a bit disturbing to watch. But while it might not be the most appetizing thing to watch, this is delicious! Instead of the two flavors mixing together in one hodgepodge, they alternate rolling over your taste buds, much like a turn-based combat system. Pepper, which is the strongest sensation overall, comes first, followed by tartar sauce. Then the sequence repeats, but with softer effects.

There is, however, something very unusual happening.. As the flavor profile transforms into a subtle acidity of the tartar sauce part, the sensation in a split second resembles sweet pickles. Mixed with the meaty chicken and the starch of the breadcrumbs, for the briefest moment, it almost feels like eating a fast food burger and fries.

There are fewer surprises with Moogle Pon Pon tea. Whatever label you have, the content is the same: oolong tea.

Yes, the only clear glass I own is a sake cup.

As for oolong teas, this one is more bitter than fragrant tea, but still makes a nice fresh thirst quencher.

Priced at 216 yen (US $ 1.95) and 168 yen, respectively, Lawson’s Final fantasy fried chicken and Moogle tea are on sale now, for a limited time, and are both worthy entries in the ever-expanding world Final fantasy food group.

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