Is it even legal? Oculus creator is building a VR headset that can actually kill you if you die in-game

In what appears to be an elaborate, albeit cruel, joke, the founder of virtual reality company Oculuss claimed he was designing a VR headset that can actually kill the player who loses, or gets “killed” in the parlance of the game. game, during a video game.

In a blog post, Palmer Luckey, who left Oculus VR after it was acquired by Facebook a few years ago, said he was inspired by the Japanese novel-turned-anime series “Sword Art Online.” In it, players are trapped in an online role-playing game where in-game death implies real-world death due to the deadly “NerveGear” helmet they wear.

“The idea of ​​tying your real life to your virtual avatar has always fascinated me – you instantly raise the stakes to the max and force people to fundamentally rethink how they interact with the virtual world and the players within” , Luckey said.

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If Sword Art Online players who use these headsets and fail to escape a mad scientist’s trap, will experience microwave-induced brain melt. When it comes to Luckey’s headgear, things get bloodier as he says he uses charge pods to blow someone’s skull off.

Based on research by Jorden Lowen from 2018 based on the analysis of a few VR games, modern virtual reality technology has the potential to change the way people feel about video games by inducing out-of-body experiences.

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In the past, many scholars have also questioned the impact of new media and technology on how we perceive mortality, embodiment, and subjectivity.

Although the Luckey VR headset is not yet on sale, it will be interesting to watch how it develops and how people react.

Several observers said the blog post was likely a joke, though it’s questionable whether it will be legal to design, let alone sell, such a helmet.


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