Is Endless Dungeon coming to PC?

Are you ready to experience another RTS game that can truly compete with StarCraft or Diablo? Then you’ll want to know about Endless Dungeon, an upcoming game from Amplitude Studios.
It looks pretty good. | © SEGA/Amplitude Studios

Amplitude Studios and Sega have announced their next real-time strategy game, Endless Dungeon, for 2022. It will share similarities with large-scale franchises like Diablo and StarCraft, but with some unexpected differences. The biggest difference will be that the levels are procedurally generated through the Unity engine, which should provide some fantastic gameplay moments.

We expect these procedurally generated levels to bring unexpected differences in gameplay. For example, one moment might require a direct approach to attack your enemies, while the other might require player silence and stealth. This will entirely depend on the level generated by the Unity engine.

Amplitude Studios has stated that Endless Dungeon is a roguelike tactical action RTS. It is an anomalous subgenre loved by thousands of gamers. However, Endless Dungeon will be one of the biggest games ever released in this subgenre. This means that roguelike real-time tactical strategy games could become increasingly popular after the release of Endless Dungeon.

When is Endless Dungeon coming to PC?

Explore mythical locations in Endless Dungeon as new locations are procedurally generated. | © Amplitude Studios and Sega

The official release date of Endless Dungeon on PC has not been announced by Amplitude Studios. It has been suggested that this RTS will arrive in Q4 2022. However, development delays could lead to an unexpected delay to Q1 2023.

Sega and Amplitude Studios haven’t spoken about Endless Dungeon’s release date in some time. This has caused inside sources to wonder if any postponements are forthcoming. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to tell you more until Amplitude Studios makes an official announcement.

We can tell you that Endless Dungeon is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S. Additional support is available with the PlayStation 5.

What PC features will Endless Dungeon have?

Are you ready to defend these dungeons with your teammates? | © Amplitude Studios and Sega

Amplitude Studios has not announced which PC features Endless Dungeon supports. However, some features are guaranteed to be found. These include:

  • Vulkan API support
  • NVAPI API support
  • Steam Cloud Backups
  • Xbox cloud saves
  • RTX Lighting
  • 120 frames per second

We recommend checking out the Steam Cloud Saves API and Vulkan. These features will allow you to virtually save your files while ensuring the highest level of graphics possible. It should be noted that the Vulkan API can extend the quality of ray tracing, fragment shading, and timeline semaphores.

Unfortunately, we won’t know the full features supported by Endless Dungeon until Amplitude Studios releases the game. We will let you know when an official account is provided.

Is Endless Dungeon coming to the Steam Deck?

The fidelity supported by Valve’s Steam Deck is impressive. It was able to run games like Apex Legends, Elden Ring, Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and God of War.

There should be no issues downloading and installing Endless Dungeon on your Steam Deck. Even better, this real-time strategy game isn’t as visually intense as God of War or Elden Ring. This means that visually speaking, Endless Dragon will be able to run at its maximum settings.

Game trailer

There is an unknown woman singing throughout the Endless Dungeon trailer. His words mimic what happens on screen, as the main characters run for their lives. It seems like Amplitude Studio is emphasizing the need for death and rebirth. This seems to be a common motif in Endless Dungeon, which is unique for a roguelike real-time tactical strategy game.

Everyone can see from this trailer that Endless Dungeon is visually stunning which means the gameplay experienced will be memorable and thrilling. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

System requirements for the game

Amplitude Studios did not provide a detailed account of the system requirements for Endless Dungeon. However, inside sources believe that an NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT will be sufficient to run this game. It’s almost guaranteed that even Intel’s HD Graphics 600 would be able to run Endless Dungeon. Therefore, almost anyone can experience this upcoming title without any complications.

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