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Because Cyberpunk 2077 may not have eradicated that cyberpunk itch for many gamers, focusing more on the corruption of mega-corporations than on the futuristic tech gamers like to see in video games, many have turned to indie games instead, offering unique perspectives on the cyberpunk genre instead of the first. person shooters. A game highly regarded in the independent community is VA-11 Hall-A, a cyberpunk bartender simulator with rewarding character development. Next, cyberpunk fans should keep an eye out for Key locker.

Key locker is currently on Kickstarter, but it’s already surpassed its target, and as long as nothing in development goes wrong, it’s guaranteed to arrive digitally at some point in the future. However, a demo is available for download through Steam, and fans of turn-based action, cyberpunk, and rhythm games, or just those who like to support small developers, should give it a try. While there may be some issues to iron out, Key lockerThe demo features a promising story behind stunning pixel art and engaging gameplay.

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The awesome Keylocker demo

key locker

In Key locker, players will embody Bobo, a musician in a world banned from music. It’s a bit more technical than the plot of Free of any tie, however, music used to be a source of electricity in this universe, but it is now banned by the government so that Satellite CEO Tethys, also known as Sunken Siren, can maintain control. Now, playing any form of music is a crime worthy of the death penalty, but Bobo can use his skills to control and destroy sources of electricity. But the world of Key locker is stranger than a simple dystopian future; it’s filled with not-so-human creatures, like alpacas that talk in hopes of world domination and robots built from jukeboxes.

In the demo, his story begins in a prison cell. With the help of a friend, she is quickly freed from the box, but must escape the prison. Pushed into battle, players will soon see why Key locker is such a promising indie game. Battles are turn-based and use elements of timing when attacking. Similar to Paper mario When Mario and his party dodge attacks, pressing a reactionary button at the right moment will dodge or even counter enemy attacks. There are also interesting rhythmic elements to Key locker. Some abilities require you to use the up, down, left, and right keys along with prompts, similar to DDR– style titles.

Passionate indie gamers might remember the 2020 RPG known as Ikenfell. Here, protagonist Maritte leads a group of young teens on a quest to find her sister, and in isometric combat, each member of the group has unique abilities. On a grid, players must position themselves strategically for the right attacks, which also include timing-based elements in tactical turn-based combat. For fans of Ikenfell, Key lockerThe fight could be a great sequel.

key locker

At the start of the demo, players can choose from a short list of classes: the Sequencer, whose deeper connection to music makes it possible to master a wide variety of weapons, the Samurai, which specializes in defensive combat and counter attacks. attacks, the Juggernaut, or the heavyweight that deals severe damage to enemies, and the Hacker, or the trickster whose powers keep them away from the front lines. There are six other classes derived from these choices, and as Key locker will warn when choosing at the start of a save file, different classes change the story path. Bobo’s design also changes depending on the class chosen.

And in a dating simulation inspired by Valley of stars, players can romance or form platonic relationships. Currently there are only two dating options on the table, Patricia and Simon, but Key locker is about to hit its first extended goal on Kickstarter, where the number of datable characters will drop from two to four.

It is difficult to decide which piece of Key lockerThe demo shines the most, while the gameplay seems to be a big plus, and it’s easy to see why after playing the pixel art is stunning, every portrait is treated with care and the cyberpunk world around Bobo is detailed at every corner. The size of the demo, both in terms of length and amount to explore, is shocking given that the game only recently arrived on Kickstarter; It’s clear that developer Moonana has tweaked every nook and cranny before they uploaded the fundraising page and demo, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Key locker is currently in development.

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