If you only play one demo this summer, make it the trash of death


trash of death

You might have missed Steam Next Fest during week E3, the online gaming festival that featured over 700 demos. While nearly all of these demos were removed from Steam by the end of the event, there’s at least one left – and it’s one you absolutely shouldn’t miss. Death Trash is a rare game that combines aspects of many different franchises and genres while managing to be something completely original. Equal Parks Cyberpunk, Bloodborne, and Fallout, Death Trash simultaneously ticks all the boxes while breaking the mold. If you’ve always wanted to make friends with a Kraken made of meat, stop reading and go download the Death Trash demo on Steam as soon as possible.

Death Trash is a pixel-art isometric action RPG heavily inspired by the original Fallout games. After creating your character and assigning your stat and skill points on your character sheet, you begin the game by being kicked out of society due to a mysterious illness. As you step out of the underground bunker – the only house you’ve ever known – you might be mistaken thinking that this is just a Fallout remake. What awaits you on the surface, however, is quite different from anything Fallout has to offer.

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The first character you meet is indeed a huge monster made of meat that seems to come out of a cliff. This Fleshkraken speaks in a strange and fragmented way, but you can understand that he wants you to bring “friends” to him. That’s Death Trash’s call to action, so to speak.

There is nothing abnormal about the Fleshkraken. Writhing piles of meat and lakes of blood cover almost every square inch of the world’s surface. As you explore, you will find both harmless meat creatures crawling on the ground, as well as humanoid mutants that attack on sight.

There are only a few areas for the demo to explore, but each is densely filled with atmosphere, world-building, and obscene body horror. There are quite a few weird characters to meet, which is understandable given where they live. But there are also some pretty disturbing details in the early parts of the game that hint at the occult. In the only main town you can visit, there is a statue of a mutant in the city center where people have left meat offerings. Almost everyone talks a lot about sunlight, but not in a jovial way, à la Solaire. The demo ends just as you find out that you are, of course, the Chosen One in this apocalyptic meat world, but why you are chosen remains a mystery. Whatever happens next, it’s definitely going to be disgusting, and I can’t wait to play it.

One of the things I really love about Death Trash gameplay is how intentional you have to be in every combat situation. It looks a bit like Hades or Hyper Light Drifted since you can dodge roll and aim 360 degrees, but it’s far from the pace of these games. Stealth is often the best approach to combat as you’ll get an attack modifier for backstabbing, and engaging with more than one foe at the same time is almost always certain death, at least in those cases. first levels. This means that you really have to plan your moves carefully, exploit your strengths, and sometimes use the environment to your advantage. As I tried to enter a bunker that had been occupied by scavengers, I was able to send the guards into landmines that surrounded the outside and use their own defenses against them. Each encounter in the demo can be approached in different ways using different weapons, abilities, and cybernetic upgrades.

There is also a very strong sense of individual playstyle, similar to what you would find in Fallout. You can put your points into blunt or edged melee weapons, as well as pistols, rifles, and energy weapons. Ammo is incredibly limited though, so even if you dump all your points into guns you won’t be able to make your way through the game. This is especially true in multiplayer. Death Trash offers two-player co-op via Steam Remote Play Together, but items and resources must be shared between players. In this way, one player can develop certain skills like melee, hack, and stealth, while the other develops different skills like barter, animalism, and occultism – the use of abilities that communicate with the flesh. .

But it’s really the presentation that sets Death Trash apart from the crowd. The pixel art has been done to death, but Death Trash breathes new life into the style with tons of texture, depth, age, and of course, meat. The world of Death Trash is one of the most horrible things I have ever seen and at the same time one of the most beautiful. I am both disturbed and enchanted by this game, and can’t wait to uncover the secrets of the Flesh Nexus when Death Trash launches on Steam in August.

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