If the Final Fantasy 9 remake is real, it should shoot the FF7 remake sparingly


The Nvidia GeForce Now streaming platform recently had a potentially massive leak. The leak contained a list of unannounced titles, many of which were expected to be in development. These games included Resident Evil 4 remake, Dragon dogma 2, Kingdom Hearts 4, Injustice 3, and Mortal Kombat 12, among others. Nvidia said the roster is a mix of real and hypothetical games, but that hasn’t deterred fans from assuming it’s generally trustworthy. Of particular note is the Square Enix section, which includes remasters and remakes of several older games, including Final fantasy 9.

Final fantasy 9 recently gained surprising attention thanks to confirmation that an animated TV show is in the works. This title is often considered the sleeping hit of the PS1 and PS2 Final fantasy generation, so it’s a surprise to see it receiving so much attention. If this trend continues, it would make sense for the game to receive a new release to complement its existing HD remaster. A Final Fantasy 9 remake seemed like a long shot years ago, especially with Final Fantasy 7 remake in active development. However, these two different remakes can coexist, and FF9 Remake might take some hints from FF7 Remake.

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Why Final Fantasy 9 is perfect for a remake

Final Fantasy 9 Zidane meets Freya

A remake for Final fantasy 9 seems ideal. The classic PS1 already has a remastered version in the form of its modern ports, and this is especially true for the PC version as a high-end AI mod named Moguri Mod can take the game’s visuals to new heights. At this point, the available console, PC and mobile versions of Final fantasy 9 are tied with Final Fantasy 8 remastered and the most recent Final fantasy 7 remastering the console, so more work with the original version is unnecessary. A full remake would be needed to take FF9 to the next level.

If Square Enix really wants to push Final fantasy 9 as difficult as it sounds with an upcoming show, a remake should be in the cards. FF9 is in a delicate situation because nothing can resist the overwhelming popularity of Final fantasy 7, and Final fantasy 8 remains a source of division due to its history and gameplay. Final fantasy 9 was conceived as a love letter to the classic Final Fantasy, and features a more cartoonish art style and fantasy world than other PS1 entries. It was much appreciated, but because it’s so different, many didn’t give it a chance. A remake would bring the game back to the public eye, appeal to existing fans, and likely create new ones.

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What the Final Fantasy 9 remake should take from the Final Fantasy 7 remake


The main question that many people ask themselves when they hear about a Final Fantasy 9 remake is how similar it would be to Final Fantasy 7 remake. Ideally this would match FF7 Remake, especially with regard to visual fidelity and vocal performance. Square Enix has always prided itself on being at the forefront of graphics technology, and its games have come a long way since Final fantasy 9 was released late on PS1. A visual overhaul would certainly be an important part of a FF9 Remake, although its developers should retain the unique charm of the original title. Adding a star cast and new cutscenes certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

Regarding the new cutscenes, the Final Fantasy 9 remake could be used to extend the game similar to Final Fantasy 7 remake. It wouldn’t include a big deviation from the original game, but some elements Final fantasy 9 development team had to cut could be added. Various missing fights, such as three of the four elemental guardians, and missing mechanics like pre-existing encounters and movement to combat screens could be implemented. The Ranger character that the group were supposed to meet in the town of Treno could even be added as an optional character. There is plenty of room for expansion in Final fantasy 9.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Traps 9 Remake Must Avoid

ff7 remake new zones

However, Final Fantasy 9 remake should not be extended recklessly. FF9 should be a single version containing all of its content. Final Fantasy 7 remake caused a lot of debate among his fans due to the lengthening of the Midgar section from five hours ago into a full 30 hour RPG experience. We still don’t know how many pieces Final Fantasy 7 remake will be too. Final fantasy 9 really doesn’t need a lot of elaboration on its setting and characters, and the Final fantasy the franchise as a whole should try to keep the number of sub-series to a minimum. There is no need for a Final Fantasy 9 compilation in competition with the Final Fantasy 7 compilation.

Final Fantasy 9 remake should also be reluctant to change its gameplay. While it is true that light action elements were taken into account for the game’s original release, their absence is no problem. It would be nice to see a new big budget console game using Final fantasyagain the old Active Time Battle system, and FF9The solid grip of would be the perfect vessel. Final fantasy 7 Remake means a lot of things to a lot of people, but FF9 could enjoy a much simpler reception if it simply recreates the original game with a few improvements. We still don’t know if Final Fantasy 9 remake will actually happen, but hopefully he can learn from Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Final Fantasy 9 remake is rumored to be in development.

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