I Heart Skyrim (ft. ESO, FudgeMuppet, and more!)

Join Adam Mason, Dave Jewitt and Kurt Indovina from GameSpot, Cam Robinson, DaveControl, ESO Danny, Super BunnyHop, Lucy James from Giant Bomb, FudgeMuppet, Rycon Roleplays and Shirley Curry as they discuss the impact Skyrim has had on them and the gaming industry as a whole in this love letter to Elder Scrolls V.

While Skyrim wasn’t the Elder Scrolls game that established the series as a great open-world RPG, and many will argue whether Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim did it best, its huge success and impact cannot be overstated. denied. The cold, northern region of Tamriel has become home to many stories, and Skyrim’s epic soundtrack not only contains incredible tracks to unwind as you explore, but of course, Dovahkiin – the perfect ode to a Dragonborn .

Cam Robinson, Adam Mason, and Dave Jewitt discuss the meme of being a stealth archer in Skyrim, while Super BunnyHop, Rycon Roleplays, FudgeMuppet, and Shirley Curry discuss roleplaying in Skyrim. Lucy James and SuperBunnyHop discuss Skyrim Mods, while Kurt and Rycon Roleplays discuss the quality of Dark Brotherhood quests.

Enjoy the 2nd episode of I Heart Gaming. If you missed it, check out our first Dark Souls episode, featuring: Adam Mason, Brad Ellis from Easy Allies, Caddicarus, Chris Morris, Dave Jewitt, DaveControl, Gav Murphy and Rory Powers from RKG, Super BunnyHop, HeyZeusHeresToast, Iron Pineapple, Jessie Gender, LobosJR, Lucy James and Tamoor Hussain from Giant Bomb, Marz, Otzdarva, Prod, Quelaag, and Sinclair and Sophie from SinclairLore.

Let us know what future episodes you’d like to see, and what guests you hope to see!

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