How to unlock the Demi-Ozma mount in Final Fantasy XIV


With over 200 mounts available to unlock in Final Fantasy XIV, it’s hard to pinpoint a small handful to consider “the best,” but it’s hard to object to the Demi-Ozma mount being one of them. This flight-capable mount takes three forms: a sphere, cube, and pyramid, each of which has face textures that appear as portals to another world. It’s actually three mounts in one, and all three could be considered the coolest mount in the game. In this guide, we’ll see how to unlock it.

The process to unlock the Demi-Ozma mount can be summed up in one step, but it’s a real doozy. This mount will be offered to you once you unlock the achievement “We’re On Your Side I”, obtained by completing the Baldesion Arsenal, as part of the Stormblood expansion. Baldesion Arsenal is an extremely difficult open dungeon in the Eureka region, accessible only to Disciples of War or Magic who have completed Eureka’s story and are at an elemental level of 60+. You will need a team of highly skilled, well-equipped, and diverse allies if you plan to clear this dungeon.

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In order to access the dungeon, you will first need to complete the FATE “I don’t want to believe”, which will appear randomly after the above conditions are met. You will be notified when this FATE starts, and by killing his boss Onvi, players will gain the Aetherically Primed buff and many portals around the map will appear. Entering a portal will take you to the Baldesion Arsenal, but it requires the buff for you to enter initially. After five minutes, the portals will change color and become open to everyone, buff or not.

When your dungeon run begins, you have to be wary that leaving an instance or accepting a knockback will end the run, so make sure you’re well equipped with defensive actions and being incredibly careful throughout. There are a total of four bosses, and it’s the last one – Proto Ozma – that will grant you the mount when completed. This boss has four shapes: cube, sphere, pyramid, and point, and they all come with their own catalogs of attacks.

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Be especially careful to avoid the black hole attack when it comes to a sphere. Players must stand on six light panels in the area before the black hole is triggered, and any player not doing so in time will be kicked out of the dungeon. If a panel is left untouched, all players will be kicked out. When it transforms into a triangular or spiked shape, be prepared to dodge AoE attacks. Be ready to descend from the main platform to dodge the AoE Column’s attack when it transforms into its spiked form, and keep your distance from it during the triangular transformation to avoid damage. Finally, when Proto Ozma transforms into a cube, run close to him, as he will emit an AoE torus attack, from which you will be closely shielded.

Always keep an eye out for Ozma and you should be able to dodge these deadly transforming attacks. In order to minimize the damage it causes to the party, players should try to stay away from each other as much as possible, while being wary of empty pits around the area. Keep a constant stream of attacks coming and stay agile, but most importantly, communicate with your team and provide help where it’s needed.

By killing this final boss, you will gain the “We’re on Your Side I” achievement, as well as the Demi-Ozma mount to keep. It’s one of the most intimidating achievements in Final Fantasy XIV, so don’t worry if it takes a few runs to get there. Practice makes perfect, and the Baldesion Arsenal will certainly take some practice.


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