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Although you can play the entire game in single player mode, stranger from paradise also lets you play the whole game with friends in co-op. This guide will walk you through how to get started with multiplayer and your rewards for battling with friends by your side.

How to create a multiplayer room


In the game’s main menu, you can find the Online tab, two tabs above the main tab. You can then either create a room or search for one to join. If you choose to create a room, you can set a password or set your party members to invite-only if you intend to play with two other friends. Whether you’re looking for a part or crafting one yourself, you can select a specific mission or from all the missions you’ve currently unlocked, as well as one of four playstyles.

  • Anybody will include, as the name suggests, all styles of play
  • Bronze is recommended for casual play and is great if you’re trying a new mission for the first time or playing on Story difficulty.
  • Mythril is between Bronze and Adamantite, usually for those who intend to complete missions on “Action” difficulty.
  • Adamantite is the final style of play, aimed at experienced players looking for a higher challenge.

Play as a guest

There are a few differences when playing multiplayer versus single player. First, your gear on Jack in singleplayer will be your gear as a guest, regardless of which character you’re playing as. You will have access to your two sets of classes and can switch between them freely, just like you would in singleplayer. You are also free to explore the area and open chests; these are not instanced – everyone must individually pick up what’s in the chests – so be sure to let your teammates know if you choose to open one!

How to revive in multiplayer

If your health bar depletes in multiplayer, rather than being reduced to the last cube, your teammates will have a few moments to revive you. If your allies can reach you, they can spend a potion to get you back on your feet. If they can’t reach you, you can also use a Phoenix Down, although they are limited in quantity. You will only fail and return to the last cube you hit if everyone falls.

Benefits of playing co-op


You will earn full credit for completing a multiplayer mission as if you completed it on your own, including saving your story progress. In addition to all the gear and materials you’ll acquire by playing the game normally, you’ll earn bonus Anima Fragments for completing a multiplayer mission as a guest. Anima Fragments are used to give extra experience points for your jobs, so playing through the story in multiplayer is a great way to squeeze a little extra experience into your favorite jobs.

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