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The main currency of Outwards is money, which can be spent at sellers all over the world. At the start of the game, you will only have 27 silver coins, but as you go through Aurai, you can earn more. If you’re struggling to make more money, we’re here to help.

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In this guide, we will review best ways to make money fast. It’s important to remember that there may be other ways to make money, but they may not be the most effective. Also, this guide will not contain any spoilers on the main quest.

Explore dungeons

One of the best ways to earn money is to explore dungeons. These are areas filled with loot and enemies. Sometimes a quest can be attached to the dungeon, allowing you to complete the quest and loot at the same time.

While exploring, you can also Loot all items from enemies you kill. Overall, it’s a great way to find loot, as well as new weapons and outfits you can equip.

Keep in mind that dungeons can be dangerous. If you see a valuable item, there may be powerful enemies nearby. Jbe careful when exploring the dungeons and make sure you come prepared.

Visit Bandit Camps

Bandit camps are areas outside of towns filled with bandits. For instance, just northeast of Cierzo you can find a camp called Montcalm Clan Fort. It’s a dangerous area full of enemies, but there’s also a wide variety of loot available from chests and scrap heaps.

If you’re strong enough, consider venturing into one of these camps and defeating any bandits that stand in your way. You can also find bandits outside of these camps. If you feel confident in your combat skills, you can kill bandits and loot whatever they hold.

Complete side quests

Side quests can be obtained by speaking with NPCs in towns. Sometimes an NPC will ask you to visit a distant location, while other times they will ask you to retrieve an item for them.

Depending on the difficulty of the quest, you will receive a reward and a sum of money.

Additionally, some side quests take you into dungeons, which we discussed above. This is a great opportunity to complete a quest and find loot at the same time.

Crafts and cooking

A lucrative way to earn money is cooking and crafting. You can sell these items for a decent amount of money to vendors.

For instance, to make a hot potion, you just need water and thick oil. This can be done with the Alchemy Kit, which can be looted or purchased from Alchemists in any town. Once crafted, a hot potion will sell for four silver coins. It might not seem like a lot, but after you sell several of these potions, the money will start piling up.

Sell ​​resources

In addition to selling crafts, you can sell raw materials. One of the best items to sell is the mana stone; it’s a little purple rock that sells for six pieces of silver.

Manastones can be mined around Conflux Mountain, as well as in Blister Burrows, located just northeast of Cierzo. Additionally, mining nodes will respawn, allowing you to continue mining mana stones.

During mining, you can also get Hackmanite, which sells for 50 silver. This material has a 33% chance of being dropped by a Manastone Vein.

Blue sand fishing

Blue Sand is a rare item that sells for 14 money. To get this time, all you have to do is fish! The fishing grounds have around a 16% chance to drop a Blue Sand. If you run along a beach or river, you may be able to find multiple fishing spots, increasing the chance of finding Blue Sand.

Blue Sand can also be gathered on the beaches of Chersonese. At night, you will be able to see glowing blue areas where sand can be picked up. The gathering place will respawn Blue Sand every 200 hours, so it’s not the fastest way to get the material.

Travel to new places

Lately, get out and explore! The best way to earn money is to explore the world around you and collect everything you find. If you feel you are running out of things to sell, travel to a new map. You will be able to find new items and resources and loot new areas.

As you explore, you will naturally start earning money by selling the extra items you collect. To maximize the number of things you can carry, we recommend investing in a larger backpack.

That’s all there is to making money in Outward. With enough money, you can buy rare items, as well as houses in different cities.

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