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You will need a lot of experience to reach the maximum level in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Luckily, if you know where to focus your time, you can get a job from level one to thirty without too much hassle. Here’s how you can quickly improve your tasks.


Complete “The Warrior” side quest

After completing the game, you will unlock the side quest Ebon Memories: The Warrior in your mission list. This is a long mission where you will fight a total of 51 monsters; However, not only will you get experience points for each monster you kill, but you will be rewarded with shards and anima crystals when you complete it. At first it will be very difficult, but you can lower the difficulty to “Story” to make the experience a bit more bearable.

Play online for extra anima shards

Even if you’re about to play online, you might want to consider lending a hand to your fellow Warriors of Lights if you’re hurting for Anima Shards. You’ll get bonus shards for playing online, which you can then turn into large, unique drops of experience points. You can play any mission online, including side missions, which usually give more anima shards than main missions. If you need to level a Job to 30 quickly, a few guest online sessions will give you several dozen Anima Shards, more than enough to get you to the level cap, especially if you’re playing the Job. that you intend to level!

Increase your professional affinity

Working affinity will not only grant you bonus effects the more you level up, but you will also gain additional experience points based on your affinity. While you’re using the above methods to level up your job, be sure to keep an eye out for gear that will increase the affinity of the job you’re leveling. The higher your affinity, the more combat experience you’ll gain, which can speed up the time it takes you to reach max level.

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