How to get unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Unique is a category of weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, and they’re pretty good. There are several different unique weapons, but they are all very good. Players often try to get them for their avatar because they are very high quality.

There are different ways to get these weapons. They can come from level loot, merchants, and more. Here’s how to acquire them.

How to get unique weapons from Minecraft Dungeons

The unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons are special versions of normal weapon archetypes that are already enchanted. This comes in addition to which ones players can choose with their enchantment points.

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It’s rare, but these weapons can come from standard monster drops, although this is the rarest way to get them. If a player gets a unique weapon from a mob more than once or twice in a game, they’ve been very lucky.

Golden chests have a much better chance of dropping them, and levels can be replayed and chests opened again to keep trying for them. Big bosses are the best of luck, however. The Nameless One in the Desert Temple and Heart of the Ender represents the best chance to drop unique weapons.

Golden chests have a good chance of dropping unique weapons (Image via Mojang)
Golden chests have a good chance of dropping unique weapons (Image via Mojang)

There are different categories of unique weapons:

  • Unique Ax
  • Cursed ax
  • Brandon
  • Highland Ax
  • Whirlpool
  • Unique daggers
  • Frost fangs
  • Unique Gauntlets
  • Fighter Links
  • Maulers
  • Fists of the Soul
  • Unique Glaives
  • Scourge of the Tombs
  • Venom Glaive
  • Unique hammers
  • Gravity hammer
  • Storm Earth
  • Unique masses
  • Scourge
  • The grace of the sun
  • Unique pickaxes
  • Diamond pickaxe
  • Unique fakes
  • Frost scythe
  • Jailer’s scythe
  • Unique sickles
  • Nightmare bite
  • The last laugh
  • Unique spears
  • Spear of Fortune
  • Whispering spear
  • Unique swords
  • Sword
  • Dancer sword
  • Dark Katana
  • Diamond sword
  • Eternal knife
  • Hawkbrand
  • Heart thief
  • Mastery Katana
  • Nameless blade
  • Truth Seeker
  • Unique arches
  • Bone arch
  • Arc of lost souls
  • Elite Mighty Bow
  • Guardian Bow
  • Hunter’s Promise
  • Master’s bow
  • Mechanical short bow
  • Nocturnal arc
  • Purple thunderstorm
  • Red snake
  • sabrage
  • The green threat
  • The pink scoundrel

Minecraft Dungeons has a lot of unique rarity weapons which are all pretty cool but THE NAME OF THIS ARC


  • Double arch
  • Unique crossbows
  • Automatic crossbow
  • Azure Seeker
  • butterfly crossbow
  • Doom crossbow
  • Wild Soul Crossbow
  • Lightning Bolt Launcher
  • Harp Crossbow
  • Lightning Harp Crossbow
  • Killer crossbow
  • The slicer
  • Void Caller

There are many unique weapons to use in Minecraft Dungeons. For more Minecraft content, check out our Facebook page!

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