How to get the Frost Scythe in Minecraft Dungeons

A unique variant of Soul Scythe, the Frost Scythe is a melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons that has considerable range when used.

While not a perfect weapon and outclassed by several unique weapons, the Frost Scythe can still be a powerful part of a hero’s arsenal in Minecraft Dungeons.

The biggest advantage of the Frost Scythe is its wide attack range, which makes it capable of hitting multiple enemies with a single hit. When taking out mobs of hostile mobs, having a melee weapon like the Frost Scythe can take down many enemies at once and pave the way forward.

Minecraft Dungeons: Get the Frost Scythe

The Frost Scythe equipped with a hero build in the character screen (Image via Mojang)
The Frost Scythe equipped for building a hero in the character screen (Image via Mojang)

Like just about anything in Minecraft Dungeons, acquiring the Frost Scythe requires a bit of luck from the game’s RNG (Random Number Generator), which is responsible for the loot drops.

However, it is important for heroes to note that the Frost Scythe can only drop in certain levels. Otherwise, players will need to consult with their camp’s Luxury, Mystery, or Piglin merchants and hope their spinning inventories include the Ice Weapon.

The Frost Scythe can drop into the following levels if players research it instead of buying it from a merchant:

  • Pumpkin pastures (Adventure difficulty)
  • Arch Haven (Adventure difficulty)
  • ??? (Adventure difficulty)
  • Frostfjord (Adventure difficulty)
  • Abyssal Monument (Adventure difficulty)

In addition to appearing in listed levels and as part of a merchant’s inventory, the Frost Scythe can also drop in Ancient Hunts in Minecraft dungeons.

The mob, known as the Enchanting Prime, an older variation of the standard enchanting mob, can also drop the Unique Item when defeated. This is subject to the RNG like any other item, but it gives the heroes an additional opportunity to grab the weapon for themselves.

Like Soul Scythe from Minecraft Dungeons, the Frost Scythe has solid stopping power and a wide attack range capable of hitting multiple enemies. On top of that, the scythe is able to slow targets for three seconds due to its Freeze enchantment. It also provides a +1 to Soul Gathering, which is a mechanic commonly shared by scythe weapons.

While it might not have the pure damage of some weapons, the Frost Scythe is a great weapon for taking out multiple mobs at once while slowing them down and preventing them from continuing for a few seconds.

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