How to get the Falcon ignition key


In one of the many aspects of collecting, players looking to get all of the mounts may have noticed that some come and go in Final Fantasy 14.


Collecting mounts is a popular pastime for players of the critically acclaimed MMORPG. Final Fantasy 14. However, completing this stable may prove to be more difficult than other collections due to Final fantasy 14 timed exclusivity of frames.

A fantastic example of this is the Falcon mount. The Falcon is an airship that is summoned via the Falcon Ignition Key. As of this writing, there were only a handful of ways to get the Key and each was a timed event. So, for those looking to add the mount to their collection, timing is the name of the game. The Falcon mount itself is based on the airship of the same name that first appeared in Final Fantasy 6.


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The Mount Falcon Campaign


The first way to hear about the Falcon Mount was through the “Fly the Falcon Mount Campaign” which was published with the Stormblood expansion. It was given to players who subscribed for 90 days during the campaign. The event was a special celebration to commemorate the addition of the legendary airship to Final Fantasy 14.

The story of this particular version is “An independent project of the engineer at Garlond Ironworks Wedge, this single pilot airship is said to have recorded some of the fastest flight speeds of all time … its creator only minimally. restraint may have been necessary. “

Moogle Treasure Chest Event

The other way to get the mount was the Moogle Treasure Trove event. The first event took place in September 2019, but the mount was available again in March 2021. By running specific dungeons, players would receive special tombstones that could be exchanged for rare goods. In two of these events, the Falcon mount was available. As such, it’s likely that the mount will be available again during a future Treasure Chest event.

While there may not be a way to claim the mount at the time of this writing, it is hoped that it will return once more at the next Moogle Treasure Trove event. Timed exclusives like these are common in games that use a live service model. This creates a fear of missing out on the player base and encourages them to re-subscribe or keep their current membership active. While some would describe this as a less than ideal business model, it’s a strategy that clearly works. So, for those who still need the Falcon mount, keep an eye out for the next Moogle event.

Final fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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