How to Get Rare Mounts

There are dozens of mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, but the rarest and most impressive come from specific high-end trials. Obtaining these incredible mounts is no small feat, which is why they are so rare among the playerbase. The most coveted mount whistles are only found in Extreme Trials with less than a seven percent chance of dropping each time.

Each expansion pack has an extreme for each trial, and each extreme has its own drop mount. After obtaining each Extreme mount in an expansion, players unlock the quest to summon legendary mounts like Kirin, Landerwaffe, and Firebird. Breeding mounts is no easy task, and it requires hours of time, a dedicated team, and a lot of luck. Here are the best methods to use when breeding these mounts.

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Be ready to play again and again (and again)

Breeding mounts can take hours or even days just to get a single whistle. The odds of him going down are extremely low to begin with, and between eight players it can take dozens of clearances to create a level playing field for everyone. It is also important to be patient and fair to the team. On the bright side, after the first few wipes, the mechanics become second nature. It’s all about sitting down, dodging attacks, standing in the right place, and pressing buttons.

Be proactive in forming a party

One of the biggest challenges for those who want to farm mounts is the lack of people to do it with. Queuing for Extreme Trials in the Duty Finder can result in an hour-long wait just for a clear. However, creating a party in the Party Finder will allow players to post whatever assignment they want and recruit players from all over the data center. Conversely, checking the Party Finder regularly is a good way to join other near-full farmer groups instead of starting a whole new one.

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Play trials in unsynced mode

Extremes are much easier to clear when played in unsynced mode, the setting that removes level restrictions. The majority of players who farm on Party Finder will only play in unsynced mode as the trial runs much faster when level 90 characters deal damage to a level 50 boss. However, this cannot be only done with players who are already in a party, so it is necessary to use the Party Finder. Unsynced mode works best when there is a large gap between player level and boss level, so it’s best to try saving mount breeding when players are at least ten levels above of the test level.

Buy mounts with totems

The developers of FFXIV finally took pity on players and introduced totems in order to make mount breeding a little fairer. Extreme mounts for toward the sky, Stormbloodand Shadowbringers expansion packs can be purchased with totems, an in-game currency unique to each Extreme. For example, the toward the sky There are six extremes in the pack, and each has its own mount totem, like the Hive Totem or the Horde Totem. Usually only one totem will be given to each player per clear. 99 totems can be exchanged for the Trial mount in Idyllshire, Rhalgr’s Reach, or Eulmore, depending on the current expansion pack. Totems are a kind of cushion for players dedicated to breeding mounts – if a whistle hasn’t been obtained after 99 clears, the mount can be purchased.

Breeding mounts seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a fun opportunity to practice mechanics and make new friends, while earning and showing off new mounts. At the end of the trial, there will be one more player in the realm with the rarest mounts in the game.

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