How to get Juedi’s horn in Final Fantasy XIV


When it comes to flying horses, the Juedi is definitely one of the coolest. Here is our guide on how to get the Juedi Horn in FFXIV.

player on the first floor of heaven on and high split image of mount juedi

There are over 200 frames in Final Fantasy 14, and choosing between them can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a new flying horse with a high level of prestige, look no further than the Juedi mount, originally added in patch 4.35. If you want to get this mount, you will need to master Heaven-on-High.

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Heaven-on-High is a unique rogue-type dungeon where the layout of each floor will change each time you enter. With only one life, you will have to go through the dungeon in the hope of reaching its climax. Let’s see how exactly to get the Juedi mount and some tips for cleaning Heaven-on-High.

How to get the Juedi mount

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To unlock Juedi, you will need to climb Heaven-on-High. This deep dungeon has 100 floors to conquer, with a constantly changing layout it can be difficult to prepare.

The final reward for completing the 100th floor du Ciel-en-Haut is a Empyrean Reliquary. After cleaning the 100th floor for the first time, the Confederate depositary in the Ruby Sea (x: 21.2, y: 9.3) will have new items available for purchase. Now you can exchange your empyrean reliquary for one of the four empyrean accessories or a piece of furniture. The accessories are listed below.

  • Empyrean Bracelet
  • Empyrean earring
  • Empyrean Necklace
  • Empyrean Ring

To get the Juedi Horn, you will need to buy all four accessories and have them in your inventory. Then talk to Confederate dumped in the Ruby Sea (x: 21.6, y: 9.9). He will reward you with the Juedi Horn and the title ‘True Hero’.

Tips for cleaning Heaven-on-High

sky high rising in the sky in the sea of ​​rubies

Cleaning 100 floors of Heaven-on-High can be tricky, so let’s go over some tips that will help you get there. For more information on this dungeon, be sure to check out our full guide to Heaven-on-High.

  • Choose the right job: In the Sky-en-Haut, some jobs are better than others when it comes to safety and effectiveness, which are two of the most important factors. Gunbreaker, Warrior, and Red Mage, for example, have excellent self-healing and high damage attacks, which makes them perfect choices for clearing the dungeon.
  • Fight enemies one at a time: Most encounters in Heaven-on-High are geared towards a single player fighting one enemy at a time. Fighting more than that can put you at a serious disadvantage, especially on floors with debilitating debuffs. try only face enemies one-on-one, especially if you are playing alone.
  • Play with friends: Heaven-on-High becomes much more manageable when playing with three other people, especially when those players are friends you trust. Coordinating draws, dividing roles, and reviving yourself will make cleaning up this dungeon a lot easier, so play with friends if you can.

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