How to get golden weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

There are many types of weapons that players of Minecraft Dungeons can use. Regular Minecraft has around five legitimate weapons provided to players, but in Minecraft Dungeons the list is almost endless.

There are different classes of weapons, and each has advantages and disadvantages over the others. Some weapons have advantages at certain levels, while other weapons are suitable for different levels.

Golden Weapons are a new modification to Minecraft dungeons, added as part of the Flame of the Nether DLC. This DLC adds weapons, armor and a lot of good stuff to the game.

Not all players have access to them, but finding golden weapons is worth it for those who do.

Obtain golden weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Golden Weapons are only accessible if players have purchased and installed the Flame of the Nether DLC. If they do, the golden weapons will be marked with a golden tag and a familiar golden coloring. These weapons also come with enchantments already applied.

Weapons, armor, and other golden items have a significant advantage over other weapons: they are not sold for emeralds, the typical in-game currency. However, golden weapons can be redeemed for gold.

This is important because gold can be used to buy from the Piglin merchant, who sells golden weapons.

The Piglin Merchant is a place where one can find golden weapons (Image via Mojang)
The Piglin Merchant is a place where one can find golden weapons (Image via Mojang)

PPiglin merchants will not always have the same items. The golden weapons and its other items follow one another and may be different at different times of purchase. Minecraft Dungeons players will be able to choose from what he offered them at the time.

Ancient Hunts are another way to acquire them and will likely be the first Golden Weapons players get. Once they have one, it opens the door for more in the future.

Golden Weapons can be used to offer Ancient Hunting, although it is probably more interesting to use them for Gold to buy more Golden Weapons. It’s a safer way to get new golden weapons.

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