How to get cover for Elliot in Stray

Stray has a very unique take on the cyberpunk genre, where players can pilot a cat through the labyrinthine underbelly of a dystopian city.

The title was highly anticipated by fans, and with its release yesterday, it looks like Stray was more than able to live up to all expectations.

With the player-based story helping the cats escape the city and reunite with their families, there are plenty of robots and unique personalities they will encounter on their journey, as well as a variety of missions interesting.

However, not all of Stray’s missions are easy, and there are a few that many players struggle to complete.

For one of these missions, the player will need to find cover for Elliot so he can repair the transmitter and help the cat continue its journey. This article will explain how players can complete this mission in Annapurna latest cyberpunk cat game.

Get cover for Elliot in Stray

Obtaining cover for Elliot is one of the main quest objectives players will need to complete in order to progress further in the story. This is one of the first hurdles they will face, and it is one of the most difficult goals to achieve. As a result, players are often confused as to what to do next.

So, in order to get the cover for Elliot in Stray, players will need to complete the following steps:

  • Find Super Sprit detergent. It can be obtained at the laundromat. However, to open the laundromat, players will need to direct the cat to the roof and let out a “meow”. This will cause the robots to fall inside the paint bucket.
  • Once the paint can fall off, the owner of the establishment will open the door. This will allow the cat to sneak inside and get their hands on the Super Spirit detergent.
  • After obtaining the detergent, players will then need to go to Barterman in the Slums and exchange the detergent for an electric cable. It is important to note here that the slums will not be available until Chapter 4.
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  • After obtaining the electrical cable, players will need to take the item and give it to Grandma, who is present near Elliot Programming. After that, she will knit the cat a poncho, which Elliot will then call a blanket.
  • While the Poncho is required to progress through the cyberpunk cat game’s main narrative, players will be able to obtain Grandma’s item beforehand, even before the title’s main objective presents players with the option.

With so many missions, side quests and achievements that players can participate in as a chat, Stray has indeed become a unique experience for all players trying out the game.

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