How to Get All Patch 1.5 Hotfix Rewards in Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED has added a bunch of new fixer upper goodies and rewards to Cyberpunk 2077 with patch 1.5. The latest update brings two new firearms, two vehicles, a katana and cyberware; each reward can be obtained after completing Fixers side gigs in-game.

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Some rewards will automatically appear in your stash after completing associated side gigs, but vehicles require you to go to your garage and sit in the driver’s seat first.

How to unlock the Mackinaw “Saguaro” vehicle

Fixer Award Dakota Smith's Mackinaw Saguaro in Cyberpunk 2007

The “Saguaro” Mackinaw is the modified version of the regular Mackinaw made by Thorton. The “Saguaro” model is the Nomad variant of the car with no significant changes other than styling.

To unlock Mackinaw Saguaro, all you need to do is complete all nine side gigs of fixer Dakota Smith. Once you’ve completed them all, wait for Smith to call you and give you the “Every Grain of Sand” quest. Go to your garage, get in the car and it’s yours to keep forever.

How to unlock the new Type-66 640 TS car

Fixer award Type-66 640TS of Dino Dinovic in Cyberpunk 2007

The Quadra Type-66 640 TS is one of the fastest cars V can unlock and handles easily on top of that, especially compared to most other race cars.

Players can unlock other variants of this car, but the green variant cannot be obtained after completing all five secondary gigs repairer Dino Dinovic. Once you’ve completed the Side Gigs, Dino will call you one last time and give you the “Gas Gas Gas” quest. Go to your garage, get in the car and that’s it! It’s up to you to keep it.

We recommend that you do them from the start and the Type 66 640 TS is a reliable vehicle. More, you can use this racing car to complete Claire’s racing side quests as well as.

How to Unlock the Seraph Pistol

Repairman rewards Seraph de Padre in Cyberpunk 2007

Sebastian “Padre” Ibarra is one of the creepiest repairmen you’ll work for in Cyberpunk 2077, and his side gigs are usually a bit more personal. Once you complete all 11 side gigs coming from Padrehe will call you one last time and give you the job nicknamed “God bless this mess”.

All you have to do is open your stash and grab the gun. If you have the necessary crafting skills, you can upgrade this iconic weapon to higher qualities. The new gun is a powerful weapon, meaning its bullets can ricochet off surfaces.

This gun can set enemies on fire and enemies on fire will take extra damage coming from her. Its raw damage output isn’t as good as a revolver, but large amounts of thermal damage coupled with decently high critical damage will decimate your enemies just as effectively.

How To Unlock The Bloody Maria Shotgun

Fixer Award Bloody Maria from El Capitan in Cyberpunk 2007

The Bloody Maria Shotgun is one of the best CQC weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 if not already the best. It’s a devastating close-range weapon that you can unlock after completing the ten parallel concerts of Muamar “El Capitan” Reyes. He will call you and give you the “Ride Captain Ride” quest. Open your stash, grab your new shottie, and voila! Bloody Maria is yours.

Bloody Maria is also a powerful weapon, as is the Seraph pistol. This new shottie makes your enemies bleed and its explosion has a very high chance of knocking enemies down. The new shottie also has a high risk of dismemberment. Once you have this weapon in your arsenal, you can never put it back in your stash again.

How to unlock the new Byakko Katana

Wakako Okada's Byakko Katana Fixer Reward in Cyberpunk 2077

Wakako Okada is one of the first fixers you’ll work with, and she’s also a key player in one of the main quest lines. She has eight side gigs to complete. Once all these concerts are finished and dusted off, she will contact you and give you the “Professional Widow” quest.

Simply open your stash, either from one of your apartments or from your vehicles, take the katana named Byakko, and it’s yours forever. Just like the two new guns, this katana can also be upgraded up to Legendary quality, provided enough attribute points are invested in crafting.

How to Unblock Neofiber Cyberware

Neofiber Cyberware Fixer Reward in Cyberpunk 2077

Neofiber Cyberware is arguably the most difficult and painful Fixer reward players can unlock after patch 1.5. You will only get this reward after completing all 22 side gigs, Regina Jones gives you. Once you’re done with his side gigs, you’ll get the “Last Call” gig, and the new cyberware will be added to your stash.

Neofiber is nervous system cyberware that increases your attenuation chance and attenuation strength. You will need invest in “Reflex” attributes to wear it and the percentage of the buff depends on the quality of the item. Regina operates in the Watson neighborhood and if her name rings a bell, it’s because she is also the repairwoman who gives you the quest “Cyber ​​Psychos”.

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