How to get aged treasure maps in Almastyskin


Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker features exclusive treasure maps called Timeworn Almastyskin Treasure Maps that players can collect.


Final fantasy 14 Endwalker added a huge collection of new items for players to grind for. Two of these items, called Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps and Timeworn Almastyskin Treasure Maps, are maps that allow players to access loot hidden in everything new. Final fantasy 14 DLC.

How to get aged treasure maps in Almastyskin

In order to grab some of these cards, players must have a level 90 Disciple of Land collecting profession. These three FF14 the collecting jobs are Miner, Fisherman and Botanist. While collecting ore, fishing, or gathering plants in the new Endwalker areas, players have the option of finding a Timeworn Almastyskin treasure map or a Timeworn Kumbhiraskin treasure map. Players can also rent one of the Land Gathering classes or try to buy one from the Market Board.


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What to do with Almastyskin’s time-worn treasure maps

In order to activate these cards, players must decipher the card with the “Decrypt” action; this action has an 18 hour shared cooldown for the Almastyskin and Kumbhiraskin cards. Once the treasure map is used, head to the coordinates of a treasure and a few enemies guarding it. These level 90 Endwalker enemies are fairly easy to kill, so players won’t need too much help earning their treasures as long as they reach the maximum Endwallker level of 90.


Potential rewards for ancient Almastyskin treasure maps

  • Gil
  • Allagan Tombstone of the Aphorism x 10
  • Phonograph plate
  • Orchestral phonograph

How are Aged Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps different?

Kumbhiraskin versions of these cards are similarly collected with the same level 90 Disciples of Land professions in all of the new Endwalker locations in FF14. But they’ll have much harder enemies at coordinates, and players will likely need a full party to support them so they can retrieve their treasures. Fortunately, the treasure is much better for the Kumbhiraskin maps.

Potential rewards for ancient Kumbhiraskin treasure maps

  • Gil
  • Allagan Tombstone of the Aphorism x 10
  • Materia
  • Leprechaun wings
  • Excite-i-mask

After the Final fantasy 14 With the Endwalker 6.05 update slated for early January 2022, these maps will also have a chance to spawn a portal after enemies have been killed and treasure collected, giving players access to an additional special instance called The Excitatron 6000. While the rewards for this example are not yet listed, players can expect to find some amazing loot for their additional issues. It is not known if this chance will be available for Almastyskin cards, but players will be able to get them with Kumbhiraskin cards.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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