How to Enter Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

While playing Lost Ark, you will come across many dungeons. Some main, side, and sudden quests include farming and completing dungeons.

Every island and continent in Lost Ark contains dungeons. And completing them will grant you great rewards.

But the dungeons that are present in the end game which is PvE content grant you rarer rewards and are very good for farming upgrade materials and gears. This is why players are mostly invested in dungeons.

There are two endgame dungeons in Lost Ark:

  1. Chaos Dungeons
  2. Abyssal Dungeons

This guide will discuss Chaos Dungeons and everything you need to know about them.

Where is Chaos Dungeon located?

Let’s first see how you can access chaos dungeons in Lost Ark.

Follow these steps to enter Chaos Dungeon:

  1. First, go to a populated area of ​​any major city and look for the Chaos Dungeon symbol on the map, like in the image below.
  2. Go to the symbol location and interact with the statue in the area.Where is Chaos Dungeon - Statue
  3. Then the Chaos Dungeon windows will open. Here you will have to choose the level you want to play. Select the level you want to play, which are the names of the continents in Lost Ark.Chaos Dungeons
  4. If you want to play with your group, click on “Matchmaking”. If you plan to play with a random group, click on “Find a group”. If you want to play alone, click “Enter”.Chaos Dungeons - Matchmaking

This way you can access Chaos Dungeons. Now let’s see more about these dungeons.

Chaos Dungeon Requirements

The loot obtained from Chaos Dungeons is much rarer than in normal dungeons. Unfortunately, you cannot play this dungeon in the early game. It will only be available at the end of the game.

First, you need to unlock it. To unlock it:

  1. You must reach level 50.
  2. Complete the “Ealyn’s Request” quests in North Vern.

These dungeons will help you get upgrade materials and other rare items to increase your character’s power. It is especially useful for leveling up your item.

But you need to be at a certain item level before you can enter a Chaos Dungeon. Chaos Dungeons are divided into tiers based on their difficulty level.

Chaos Dungoen Tier List

Here is how the Chaos Dungeons are divided with the respective minimum item level requirements:

1) North Vern
Level 1: Item level 250
Level 2: Item Level 340
Level 3: Item Level 380
Level 4: Item Level 420

2) Rohendel
Level 1: Item Level 460
Level 2: Item level 500
Level 3: Item Level 540
Level 4: Item Level 580

1) Yorn
Level 1: Item level 250
Level 2: Item Level 340
Level 3: Item Level 380
Level 4: Item Level 420

2) Felton
Level 1: Item Level 460
Level 2: Item level 500
Level 3: Item Level 540
Level 4: Item Level 580

1) punka
Star Level 1: Item Level 1100
Star Level 2: Item Level 1310
Star Level 3: Item Level 1380
Moon level 1: item level 1325
Moon level 2: item level 1340
Moon level 3: item level 1355
Sun level 1: item level 1370
Sun Level 2: Item Level 1385
Sun Level 3: Item Level

Chaos Dungeon Levels/Areas

Each Chaos Dungeon level has three stages. Each stage has different enemies and combat mechanics. Let’s break these steps down.

  1. Area 1: A horde of enemies will appear in this location. You must eliminate all enemies. In this area, AOE attacks are very useful. You advance to the next round after eliminating a certain number of enemies and a portal appears.
  2. Area 2: The number of enemies will decrease in this area. But mini-bosses will appear, harder to kill. After the mini-bosses, the world boss will also appear. Single target attacks can help you a lot at this point.
  3. Area 3: Rift Core crystals appear in this area, which you must destroy. After destroying them, a mini-boss will appear and you will have to defeat them all.

In addition to these, after the last area, a portal may appear, which will take you to another bonus area. This area will provide you with many currencies. So, watch out for portals in Chaos Dungeons.

You can play the Chaos Dungeon solo or be part of a 2, 3 or 4 player party. But keep in mind that the more players you have in the party, the more difficult it becomes.

Additionally, each area of ​​Chaos Dungeon has a time limit. Each area will give you 5 minutes to complete the area. The timer won’t start until you start moving. You can see the timer at the top with a countdown.

Chaos Dungeons - Time Limit

Chaos Dungeons is recalibrating its difficulty level based on the number of players.

Chaos Dungeons daily limit and rewards

You can perform Chaos Dungeons twice per day per character. So you can also use your alternate characters to complete these dungeons, which is very beneficial for additional loot. But they must also be level 50. For this you can use Powerpass or Knowledge Transfer.

But the game won’t limit you to playing Chaos Dungeon after two full matches. Your main motive in Chaos Dungeon is to get the loot it provides. After playing twice a day, you will not get those loot making Chaos Dungeon useless for you.

Talking about the rewards in Lost Ark, they depend on the level you are playing. Chaos Dungeons are the best content to improve your item level. You can get upgrade materials, gears, currencies and other rewards.

Here is the list of rewards in Chaos Dungeons according to rank.

Level 1 Preception Fragment
mess crystal
stone fragments
Shards of Harmony
Harmony Jump Stone
Battle Engravings (Uncommon and Rare)
XP Cards
Cube ticket
Level 2 Guardian Shard
crystal of contempt
Guardian Shards
life leap stone
Battle Engravings (Rare and Epic)
Ability Stones
Tier 1 Gems
XP Cards
Elite Cube Ticket
Silent Room Ticket
Level 3 Purification Shard
Piece of nostalgia
stone crystals
Shards of Honor
Honor Leapstone
Battle Engravings (Epic and Legendary)
Ability Stones
Tier 1 Gems
XP Cards
Dimension Cube Billet
Hall of the Sun ticket

Resonance Aura and Rest bonus in Chaos Dungeon

You will get 100 Aura of Resonance for doing Chaos Dungeons for a day, so if you play Chaos Dungeon once 50 Aura of Resonance is consumed. Playing twice a day consumes your entire Resonance Aura.

But what if you can’t run Chaos Dungeons every day? Is your resonance aura wasted? This is where the rest bonus comes in.

The rest bonus is a bar seen in the Chaos Dungeon window with a maximum capacity of 100. If you can’t play Chaos Dungeon in a day and have 100 Resonance Auras, the rest bonus will refill by 20. If there are only 50 left, the rest bonus will fill by 10.

Once your rest bonus reaches 20, your next Chaos Dungeon cleanse will provide you with double the loot. So if you have a rest bonus of 40, a Chaos dungeon will consume a rest bonus of 20, and another rest bonus of 20 is used in another Chaos dungeon, giving you double the loot.

You can find the loot list for each level in the Chaos Dungeon window.

We hope you are now clear about Chaos Dungeons. You can now access Chaos Dungeons and grind it daily for some awesome loot.

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