How to complete In From the Cold in Final Fantasy XIV

The In From the Cold quest will have you playing as an unknown Imperial in Final Fantasy XIV. During this sequence you will have to fight and fight your way through Regio Urbanissima, trying to survive and make your way to Camp Broken Glass. In this guide, we are going to describe what you need to do and where you need to go to complete In From the Cold in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before playing the role of an Unknown Imperial, a cutscene will unfold. After reaching this point, you will become an Unknown Imperial. You will have three abilities and skills that you can use in this form. The former is your only attack combo whenever you use it, so you’ll be using it primarily for fighting creatures. The second ability is an attack boost, giving you the ability to deal 25% more damage for a brief period. Finally, the third ability is damage reduction, which allows her to take 10% less damage when activated. You will not passively heal in this form.

To the left of your position will be a Tempered Imperial that you will need to defeat. After defeating them, loot their bodies and you will gain the ability to heal yourself. You’ll need to search for Deceased Imperials, Small Sacks, and Shipwrecked Magitek Reapers if you want to find additional healing charges. After defeating the Tempered Imperial, the area will open up for you and your objective will be to hit an immobilized Magitek Reaper. You can find it closer to the southwest of your starting location.

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Once you’ve interacted with the immobilized Magiteck, your next objective is to find the key and the fuel to power it. You can find the key on a wounded Imperial not far from this location.

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The fuel is a little further away. You’ll need to travel northwest of your current location through several enemies before you find a broken Magiteck Reaper with fuel. After interacting with the Magitek Reaper, you will need to return fuel to the location of the immobilized Magiteck armor, avoiding enemies along the way. If an enemy hits you, you’ll drop the fuel cell, but you don’t have to go back to where you found the fuel. Instead, you’ll have to pick it up from the ground.

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With the key and fuel given to the Magiteck Reaper, you can now use it to attack various enemies, preventing you from leaving and heading to Camp Broken Glass. You will have three attacks. The first is a small AoE ability that you can use most often, and which you will use frequently to defeat your enemies. The second is a much larger area of ​​effect that has a longer cooldown, so you want to use that to make sure you take out enemies around you. The final attack is an AoE line that you will shoot at the target you highlight.

After defeating the enemies, the Magiteck Reaper will no longer be able to move and you will have to continue on foot to the next area, passing a few soggy Imperials. You will meet armed civilians that you will need to help and you can work with them to escape.

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In the following sequence, you will work with the citizens to combat the Tempered Imperials and other enemy forces. Eventually, there will be a massive AoE attack that forces everyone to enter the center, nearly killing your character. You will then have a real-time reaction sequence to regain consciousness, and when you do then you will have to crawl forward as close as you towards the Broken Glass Camp. However, at some point you will stop and a cutscene will play and return to your body to start the quest for the main storyline In From the Cold.

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