How to complete At Low Tide in Final Fantasy XIV


Upon arriving at Thavnair in Final Fantasy XIV, Thancred is ready to work with you to explore the region. The first quest in the main storyline you receive is called At Low Tide. Here’s what you need to do to complete On Low Tide at Thavnair.

After speaking with Thancred, you will be asked to visit the nearby docks, directly south of the Aetheryte, to gather information. You will then need to search four locations on the docks to progress in the quest. The locations include a fruit crate, the pier, then speak with Djinaleel and Qefiraz.

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After interacting with the four dots, you will need to speak to Khalzahl, who will be directly east of the docks inside the large building. When speaking with Khalzahl, a cutscene will play out while Khalzahl speaks with a guild member. At the end of the cutscene, Matsya will appear and then return to the docks.

The last thing you’ll need to do is head back to the docks to find Matsya and complete the quest when the cutscene unfolds. Matsya will explain his relationship with Khalzahl, detailing that he lives in a nearby neighboring village and trades with Khalzahl. After completing On Low Tide, Matsya will have the next quest ready for you, called A Fisherman’s Friend.


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