How to build the most powerful druid in the DnD

When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons“Parts of adventurers, each class has an important role to play, but all parts are not created in the same way. Sometimes the party can lack a dedicated healer or tank, forcing everyone to go out of their way to make up for what is missing. Fortunately, some classes can fill a variety of roles – and the Druid is one of them.

Druids have access to powerful healing spells that keep everyone functioning, even in the unfortunate event of their death. Some druids can even use their circle training to transform into powerful beasts that more than make up for the lack of a tank. The constitution of a druid to fill a multitude of roles makes him an indispensable member of the group without which no one will want to leave the house.

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Focus on Wisdom to Create a Mighty Druid

Wildfire Druid D&D

Wisdom is the most important statistic of a druid. Not only does this determine their spell modifier and attack damage, but it also gives a boost to important skills like animal handling, survival, perception, insight, and medicine. These will allow a druid to do things like track and illuminate, determine important details about a person’s behavior or situation, and play a vital healing role within the group.

Build and dexterity are secondary to WIS. When a druid uses his wild form he becomes a powerful animal and adopts the stat block of the beast he transforms into, but when in his humanoid form it is important for him to have a CON and a solid DEX. Most druid spells rely on focus to maintain, and a strong CON modifier will increase the probability of success on a focus test to maintain a spell.

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Best races for a druid

When it comes to choosing a race for a Druid, those that provide a powerful WIS boost are the best. Getting as many WISs as possible at the start of the game means more powerful spell attacks and a higher difficulty level when it comes to enemies making spell saves against their attacks. Firbolgs and Kalashtar both start with +2 WIS, although their secondary stats (Strength and Charisma, respectively) are both dump stats for a druid.

Lizardfolk and Loxodon, on the other hand, gain +1 WIS and +2 CON, while Kenku and Aarakocra both get +1 WIS and +2 DEX, giving these four options a much needed boost to two. important statistics. In addition, Aarkocra can fly, which makes them even more attractive.

The most powerful circle of druids

When it comes to choosing a powerful Druid Circle at level three, the Moon Circle is unbeatable. This circle focuses more than the others on the druid’s wild form abilities, making them a tank force to be reckoned with. Not only can they use their bonus action for Wild Shape and perform their movement to get closer to their target, but they can then attack, all in one turn. Over time, this druid can even transform savagely into elemental forms, which are formidable enemies in battle. The Spore Circle is another great option that provides the druid with incredibly useful necromantic magic that continues to grow alongside them as they level up.

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The best spells for druids

As the party grows, the enemies they face become more and more intimidating, and a druid’s wild form ability seems much less effective at higher levels. This means that the druids will have to choose powerful spells to help them increase their power and maintain their role within the party. At first, minor spells like Shape Water, Thorn Whip, and Guidance can help the party get out of sticky situations or help them find their way.

At level one, the Word of Healing bonus action spell is a must-have because not only can the druid heal an ally at close range, but he can still use his action and movement to play a role in battle. Entangle is a great way to capture enemies the party wants to keep alive for interrogation, while Goodberries can provide minor care and sustenance when the party is running low on supplies. Level two is great for spells like Pass Without a Trace, which helps the entire party stay stealthy, and Summon Beast allows the Druid to summon an additional ally to fight alongside everyone in battle.

Spell levels three and four grant access to more powerful options like Dispel Magic, Conjure Animals, Stone Form, Stoneskin, and Transfiguration. As enemies become more dangerous and Wild Shape begins to lose its appeal, Polymorph is a great solution for transforming or turning other party members into more intimidating beasts, like T-Rexes. At levels five and six, spells like Superior Restoration and Heroes’ Feasting become staples, as they can rid the party of debilitating effects and level them up before big battles.

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During the last three spell levels, Druids can learn to do things like Planeshift and Inverse Gravity. The weak spirit can completely destroy an enemy’s spirit, making it impossible to recover unless someone else dispels the effect later. Finally, while Wild Shape is definitely an amazing feature, Shapechange at level nine is even more impressive.

Best feats for druids

When it comes to taking an achievement to empower a Druid, there are two that really stand out. First of all, Resilient allows a +1 increase to any stat, which can push that ever-increasing wisdom closer to maximum. They also gain skills in saving throws based on this statistic.

However, the most important feat for a druid is the war caster, as it allows him to really take advantage of his ability to maintain his focus on spells that can keep everyone alive. War Caster grants the Druid the advantage over CON saves, allows them to cast spells without somatic components, and allows them to cast a spell as an attack of opportunity when a target tries to get away from them.

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