How to build the Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy in DnD

Guerrilla Games ” Horizon Zero Dawn introduced an incredibly skilled technology hunter named Aloy. Players quickly fell in love with his intuitive nature and quest for the truth, as well as his stealth skills and abilities. Due to his unique personality and skills, Dungeons & Dragons players may want to play like her or, at the very least, base a character on Nora Outcast-turned-Seeker.

However, this uniqueness also means that there is a lot for D&D players to consider if they are to authentically capture the essence of Aloy. As the near-perfect clone of a brilliant scientist, Aloy is as smart and tech-savvy as she has mastered the means to survive. Because her skills are so vast, creating a straightforward class construct is nearly impossible, but luckily there are alternatives that can help her come to life.

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The best D&D race for Aloy

Construction Horizon Aloy D&D 5e

Aloy is a human from the Nora tribe, a hunter-gatherer culture, so best to go with one of the D&Dthe human variants of – especially the mark of human creation. This variant benefits from an automatic Intelligence boost of +2, as well as +1 to another stat of the player’s choice. The hallmark is associated with manufacturing, and the extra perks they get work well with Aloy’s skills.

Mark of Making Humans gains mastery over a player’s choice of Craftsman Tool Set. The Craftsman’s Intuition feature helps boost Arcana and associated ability checks with an additional d4. They also learn the Repair Cantrip – which will work well when Aloy attempts to repair technology found on his travels. These humans can also throw a magic weapon (which lasts for an hour and does not require concentration) and they have access to a wealth of useful spells like Identify, Tensor Floating Disc, Craft, and Create, all of which can be built into the skills of. ‘Aloy. .

The best D&D background for Aloy

There are a handful of backgrounds that work well for Aloy. The Archaeologist, for example, grants Arcane and History skills, as well as the Cartographer or Navigator tools. Clan Crafter is another viable choice, as it grants the player mastery of history and insight, as well as another set of artisan tools, which makes Aloy’s crafting abilities even better. pronounced. The Guild Craftsman can also come in handy, as it provides a mastery of Insight and Persuasion and, again, another set of Craftsman tools to master.

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The best D&D courses for Aloy

Construction Horizon Aloy D&D Ranger

Aloy is above all a Ranger. Trained in the skills of a stealth hunter armed with a bow, starting the campaign as a Ranger will set her on the right path to becoming who she was meant to be. There is a wide range of Ranger archetypes to choose from, and while Beastmaster can work given his affinity with nature, Horizon Walker offers some magical skills and options that can make the character look like Aloy.

The teleportation circle, for example, will allow Aloy to travel to places she’s been before (assuming those places also have a teleportation circle), which brings it a bit closer to the video game’s fast travel system. . Protection from evil and good can be used to enhance Aloy and his allies against certain types of evil beings, and the Ranged Strike feature allows him to target up to three enemies in a single turn, teleporting 3 meters to a new location between the arrows fire.

While the Horizon Walker Ranger class will give Aloy her survival and hunter skills, she is also a handyman who uses technology. To that end, taking a few levels in Artificer will replicate those aspects of her character and give her more skills like the ones she uses in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Gunner’s Specialist gives him the ability to craft unique tech items and weapons to aid him in his explorations, complementing his other skills perfectly.

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High capacity scores for Aloy

Construction Aloy Horizon D&D 5e

Due to the classes used for this version, players should focus on two basic stats when building Aloy: Dexterity and Intelligence. DEX contributes to the ease with which she can move around the field, her stealth, her ability to pick locks and her armor class, weapon attacks and damage bonuses. DEX also contributes to a player’s initiative bonus, and the higher it is, the higher it lands on the initiative tracker to attack enemies as soon as possible.

Equally important is INT, which contributes to skills such as arcane, history, investigation, nature and religion. INT is also the source of Aloy’s magical abilities, determining his cast bonus and spell attack modifier. The controls for DIY and creation are taken from INT, so making sure Aloy has a lot of smarts to make his trip believable is essential.

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The best D&D exploits for Aloy

One of Aloy’s most powerful exploits is Sharpshooter, which negates disadvantage on long-range attacks and ignores up to half or three-quarters of coverage. This also allows the player to take a -5 penalty on their attack roll for dealing +10 additional damage on a successful hit. Keen Mind works well aesthetically and practically, granting the player +1 to their INT stat in addition to the ability to always know which direction north is, when they can expect the sun to rise or goes to bed, and the ability to accurately remember everything they’ve heard or seen over the past month.

The alert is handy because it adds +5 to the character’s initiative bonus and allows players not to be surprised while they are aware. Enemies also cannot gain an advantage against the Alert player just because they cannot see them. As Aloy does a lot of exploration, Dungeon Delver is also useful, granting proficiency on Wisdom and INT checks to detect secret areas. They also have an advantage when it comes to trap detection and trap damage resistance. Additionally, the player does not incur a penalty for his passive perception when moving at a rapid pace, allowing Aloy to always be in tune with his surroundings.

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