How to build the FF7 cloud in DnD

Final Fantasy: VII introduced players to its main protagonist, Cloud Strife. Here’s how to make him a playable character in Dungeons & Dragons.

Cloud Strife is the protagonist of the hit game Final fantasy vii, and in the years since its debut, it has been featured or referenced in a plethora of other games, films, and literature. Cloud was originally an enlisted soldier in the shady military wing of an organization known as Shinra. Because of this, Cloud has become an expert swordsman, wielding his iconic Buster sword to rain punishment on his enemies.

During FFVII, players saw Cloud go from being a proud and arrogant swordsman when opening the game to a gentler, more caring character who struggles to open up to others and struggles to live with others. the height of his friend’s memory. With growth of power and character like this, Dungeons & Dragons players may want to recreate Cloud or base a character on him for their next campaign. here’s how FFVIIthe hero can translate on the table using Fifth editionthe rules of.

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The best race for the cloud

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Strife

Cloud is a human, although Variant Human works best because it allows Cloud to assign a +1 bonus to two separate stats to better show the targeted training of a Shinra soldier. Human variants also have access to a free giveaway and first-level skill mastery, which will help start this build strong. Insight is useful because it helps Cloud read the intentions of those around him, which is great for trying to get to the bottom of a situation.

As for the feat, Sentinel is great for Cloud, as it allows him to have better control of the battlefield during combat. With Sentinel, the Disengage action has no effect when an enemy uses it to attempt to escape Cloud’s range. An enemy hit by Cloud’s attack of opportunity has their speed reduced to zero until end of turn, and Cloud can also perform an attack of opportunity if a target within range of his melee weapon attacks someone. other than him.

Best-in-class for the cloud

FF7 Remake Cloud Fighting

Fighter is clearly the best class for Cloud, as he represents his time as an infantryman with Shinra. However, due to its powerful Limit Break abilities, the Eldritch Knight subclass is the best choice. To better convey Cloud’s skills with his big, heavy Buster Sword, choose the Great Weapon Fighting option from the level one fighting styles available.

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Cloud Capacity Scores

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Zack and Cloud.

As an Eldritch Knight fighter, Cloud must prioritize Strength, Constitution, and Intelligence. Clouds’ high Strength score will allow him to land blows with his Buster sword and do more damage to them, while the Constitution buff will help him resist blows that would kill him or otherwise immobilize him. Finally, intelligence is needed, as this is the ability score used by supernatural knights to cast spells. Use the increased ability score obtained from the variant human race to get one point in Intelligence and one point in Strength or Constitution.

Best backgrounds for the cloud

Soldier is the best background because that’s what Cloud was like before the events of Final fantasy vii. However, there are other options that may work depending on which version of Cloud the player wants to replicate. Faction Agent might work well for a Cloud that’s halfway through its history and work with members of the Avalanche to take down Shinra, while the Mercenary Veteran is best suited to play Cloud during his time as a mercenary.

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Cloud spells and exploits

Cloud has access to a number of spells as a Knight Eldritch, and those that complement his melee skills will work best for this build. Shield and Green Flame Blade are prime examples. Shield adds a +5 bonus to Cloud’s armor class until the start of his next turn, while Green Flame Blade ignites Cloud’s Buster sword in magical flames that leap at other enemies in close proximity to him. the one he attacks. At later levels, a spell like Scorching Ray could also be used to mimic Cloud’s Blade Beam ability.

For exploits, Cloud could make good use of Tough when he needs the extra hit points to stay close and personal for an extended period of time, while Inspiring Leader could represent an endgame Cloud that ultimately managed to squeeze in. ‘open up and gain the confidence to lead. However, the caveat is that Cloud needs a Charisma score of at least 13 to achieve this feat. If this is an unlikely prospect, then Martial Adept is an alternative to better demonstrate Cloud’s acute ability with his sword. This allows him to perform two maneuvers of the Fighter’s Battle Master subclass and earn a single d6 superiority die.

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