How to build Superman in DnD

One of the greatest things about Dungeons & Dragons it’s how it gives players the ability to create any character they can imagine and make them feel like heroes – and few heroes have left as much of an impression as Superman. The Noble-Hearted Man of Steel represents the kind of selfless hero many wish they were, so some players understandably want to find a way to bring him to J&D.

Recreate Superman in Fifth edition presents some mechanical challenges. After all, flight and heat vision aren’t exactly standard fare for the typical elf or human. Additionally, Superman’s alien nature may seem difficult to recreate in a fantasy game where space and science fiction aren’t commonly embraced. However, with a few tweaks and tweaks, players can create a compelling and powerful character that mirrors Superman in many ways while remaining within the game’s balanced framework.

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The best race for Superman

Clark Kent of the Daily Planet

While from a purely mechanical standpoint a player might be tempted to choose the Aarakorca race for its 50-foot flight speed, few aesthetically imagine their Superman fantasy as a slender, bird-like humanoid. Additionally, some dungeon masters outright ban Aarakorcas from their tables as a playable race due to this ability, believing that it trivializes certain challenges and gives the player an unfair advantage.

Instead, players looking to breed the Man of Steel should choose the Aasimar race, specifically the Protector subrace. Thematically, this seems fitting, as divine-touched Aasimar may appear to come from a different world, with Protectors being specifically sent to watch over and defend the average Material Plane dweller. While at level one an Aasimar is unable to fly, it gains the ability to grow wings and take flight for one minute via long rest at level three (which, incidentally, might aesthetically resemble an open cape in the wind) .

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The best background for Superman

Players looking to recreate Superman’s humble beginnings need look no further than Folk Hero’s background. This fits with Clark Kent’s Smallville origins, as the Folk Hero gained little notoriety for protecting and helping the people of a village or hamlet. The skills bestowed by this choice, animal handling and survival, seem appropriate for a country boy growing up on a farm, and the rustic hospitality feature establishes that common people recognize the folk hero as a champion of the masses and will do anything safely. their power to help the hero. It even provides proficiency in ground vehicles, so this fantasy Superman would know how to operate anything resembling a tractor or fantasy-adjacent concept.

Alternatively, if players want to embrace Superman’s angle as an alien alien, the Outlander could be an interesting choice that offers a change of pace. It’s a better option for a darker take on Superman that embodies a solitary, outward perspective.

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The best class for Superman

Superman American Flag

Superman shows a distaste for weapons, instead choosing to use his hands in conflict. There is only one option in J&D which coherently and viable reflects a similar attitude: the Monk. Not only are Monks the only class that can reasonably rely solely on their fists, but as a Monk progresses they gain access to a host of Ki-dependent abilities that make them feel more supernaturally powerful. They are eventually able to double the movement speed of many of their companions, move great distances without taking damage, and begin using their bonus actions to launch additional attacks or increase their defensive abilities.

To truly embody J&D version of Superman, players must choose the path of the soul of the sun as a monastic tradition. Mechanically, this fits perfectly – they have access to an ability called Radiant Sun Bolt, which allows them to fire a focused beam of light at their enemies. Notably, the ability says the character “casts searing bolts of magical radiation”, but it never outright mentions the ability using the Monk’s hands. If the DM allows, the player can make this appear as beams fired from the character’s eyes. Plus, Superman gets his powers from the sun, so his being a Sun Soul Monk even makes thematic sense.

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The Most Important Ability Scores For Superman

Superman Lois Metropolis Flying

Although Superman would likely have the highest possible ability scores across the board if he were an official J&D character, a player probably won’t be so lucky. Anyone wishing to maximize the effectiveness of this construct must prioritize wisdom and dexterity. Almost all of the Monk’s abilities revolve around their Wisdom modifier, and increasing the character’s Dexterity score will not only ensure that they are harder to hit, but also that their attacks connect since the Martial Arts feature means that the Monk uses his Dexterity score instead of his Dexterity score. Strength on attack and damage rolls.

After that, a high Constitution score can replicate Superman’s resilience, and high Charisma can help him defuse life-threatening situations without resorting to violence. However, despite Superman’s immense strength in the comics, the actual strength ability score isn’t particularly valuable for this. J&D to construct.

Superman’s Most Valuable Achievement

The Dark Knight Returns - Batman smites Superman.

Perhaps one of the most notable areas where the Monk falls short of Superman’s abilities is his health and his ability to resist damage. With just a d8 for health at each level, they can’t take as many hits as other front line melee fighters and must rely on their armor class to protect them. This discrepancy can be compensated by taking the Endurance feat, which adds an additional amount of health equal to the character’s level times two.

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