How to build Naruto’s Sakura

One of the best things about Dungeons & Dragons is that just about any world setting imaginable can be adapted to the game. From evil masterminds like Oroshimaru and weird cults like the Akatsuki to epic battles and heroes like Naruto himself, the naruto manga and anime actually have a lot in common with J&D.

When Team Seven first formed under the watchful eye of Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno wasn’t quite sure how she fit in. She often felt useless, especially watching Naruto and Sasuke find their strength. During the years that Naruto didn’t train with Jiraiya, Sakura was tutored by a Sannin of her own: the epic Medical Ninja and the Sixth Hokage, Tsunade. Replicate a medical ninja in J&D takes a bit of finesse, but with the right class, racial attributes, feats, and spells, Sakura can rise to power as a world-class cleric who can pack a serious punch.

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The best D&D race for Sakura

The Naruto-verse is a mostly human world, but that doesn’t mean players can’t get creative when building their own. J&D characters. The human race in D&D offers some good advantages, but Sakura could branch out into the genasi race. The Genasi have specific connections to the Elemental Planes, which works great with the elemental connections that power a Shinobi’s jutsu. Sakura’s elemental connections are Earth and Water, meaning either Earth or Water genasi would make a good build as they both provide attributes that work well for Sakura’s abilities.

All genasi get +2 Constitution, which will aid Sakura’s ability to take on even the most brutal enemies and keep getting back up when they knock her down. Earth genasi have an additional +1 to Strength, which goes a long way to ensuring that those powerful punches Sakura unleashes cause them plenty of pain. Additionally, earth genasi can move through difficult terrain made up of dirt or stone without having to use extra movement. They have access to the Pass Without a Trace spell, which works to keep the entire party hidden while moving stealthily.

Water genasi receive +1 Wisdom, which Sakura will need to enhance her spells as a Cleric. She will also have resistance to acid damage, the Amphibious trait to breathe both air and water, and a swim speed of 30 feet. She also has access to the Shape Water spell and, at level three, Create or Destroy Water.

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The best D&D background for Sakura

Choosing the right background for Sakura requires special attention. Since its introduction, two things have been very clear: Sakura was in love with Sasuke Uchiha, and she spent a lot of time alone as a child. Her complicated relationship with Sasuke put her in situations where she had no choice but to suffer in solitude, making her a great hermit background.

The hermit gets some great perks that work well with Sakura’s character build, like mastering medicine and religion skills and herbalism kits, which could easily fill the role of those really disgusting food pills she has did for Naruto when he was constantly training and not taking enough time to take care of himself.

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The best D&D class for Sakura

Sakura’s abilities are pretty straightforward and dry, and the War Cleric Divine Domain gives her the tools she needs to do her job as a medical ninja. Clerics are proficient in simple weapons, which include things like the kunai and throwing stars. They also gain proficiency with WIS and Charisma saving throws and can choose two skills from History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion. Since she’s already mastered the medicine and religion of the hermit milieu, choose Insight and Persuasion to ensure her ability to figure out all the details that make up a situation and ensure her voice is heard when needed.

As a War Cleric, Sakura is also proficient in martial weapons and heavy armor. As she levels up, she will gain powerful abilities like Guided Strike and God of War’s Blessing. At level eight, Divine Strike allows him to infuse his weapons with divine energy to deal bonus damage. Finally, level 17 grants resistances to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical attacks.

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The Most Important Base Stats For Sakura

As a Cleric, it’s imperative to get Sakura’s Wisdom to 20 as quickly as possible, as this will ensure that her healing and magic attacks are at their maximum capacity. Beyond that, Sakura will also need to increase her strength, which will give her what she needs to perform those powerful melee attacks she’s known for. Finally, Constitution is imperative to provide her with the stamina she needs, as well as a healthy pool of hit points that keep her in the heat of the moment, especially when she focuses her energy on keeping all the other group members standing.

Best D&D Achievements for Sakura

It’s important to choose feats that improve Sakura’s base stats and give her additional abilities. One of the most important achievements is Tavern Brawler, which not only adds +1 to STR or CON, but allows him to use both improvised weapons and his fists. Crusher increases STR or CON by +1, allows him to move a target after a successful bludgeoning hit up to five feet away, and provides the ability to land hits with advantage after scoring a critical hit. Finally, Healer is a great addition, although it doesn’t grant stat boosts, as it allows the player to use Healer Kits to actually restore HP rather than just stabilizing an unconscious ally.

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How to Build Naruto in Dungeons & Dragons

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