How to beat the Diamond Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5

After a clash with the Ruby Weapon, a battle with the Sapphire Weapon, and a brawl with the Emerald Weapon, the Diamond Weapon – supposed to use combat data from previous iterations to hone the program of weapons – was released. There’s a catch, though: it’s not inhabited by its creator or a completely obedient, stupid pilot. Allie has already activated the warmachina’s Oversoul feature, sending the machine crashing through the Castrum hangar and into general airspace. Now is the time to shut down the machine and nip the science experiment of the expanding empire in the bud.

Diamond Weapon’s Normal Mode difficulty isn’t a particularly tough fight, but it modifies some otherwise well-known mechanics in a way that stumbles less experienced players. If you’re prone to accidents and don’t want to risk wiping out a bunch of random players, read on for all of the essential diamond weapon strategies.

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FFXIV Diamond Weapon Strategy in Normal Mode

Move the set

Shielded (Phase One)

  • Rain of diamonds: Deal heavy area damage to the entire team.
  • Photon burst: Targets both tanks with a large area attack.
  • Unyielding purge: Inflicts a different area damage attack based on the data (Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire) proclaimed before use.

Unlocked (phase two)

  • Auri Cyclone: Strike on either side of the arena, causing the group to retreat considerably.
  • Auri Arts: Creates a path for Diamond Weapon to launch, which is considerably more complex when Magitek Field surrounds the arena.
  • Auri Doomstead: Deals heavy damage to the tank.
  • Outrage: Deal light AoE damage to the entire team.
  • Vertical cleavage: Hit the last side of the arena from the long side of the center, causing the group to retreat.

Armored (phase three)

  • Diamond Shrapnel: Targets two party members with follow-up strikes that resolve with a larger area attack.
  • Articulated tips: Spawns small claws on half of both sides of the arena that attack straight ahead. This is generally associated with Adamant Purge (Ruby).

Diamond Weapon: Phase 1

Diamond Weapon Tank Position

The first thing to note is that Diamond Weapon attacks both tanks simultaneously with linear beams of light, making it essential that they stand at the boss’s head or tail while the rest of the team stays on their way. flank.

Right off the bat, Diamond Weapon does what most bosses in the Shadowbringers expansion do – demonstrate its group-wide damage movement. Diamond Rain will hit the team for around 80% of the average player’s HP. You’ll have plenty of time to heal after that first hit, but fail to refuel later in the fight and a shower of diamonds can finish you off.

Shortly after this first attack, Cid will summon a second deck on the opposite side of the diamond weapon, signaling the main mechanics of the fight. Diamond Weapon occasionally slices through either side of the arena with the Adamant Purge, forcing you to use teleporters next to the enemy to jump between the two sides of the larger arena to avoid getting hit. The hit side is signaled by which the boss’s hands are glowing with red claws, so you want to jump to the opposite side.

Adamant's Purge Claws Diamond Weapon

After a sneaky use of Diamond Rain, Photon Burst will target each tank, which they should move as far away from the team as possible to minimize the chances of damaged party members being finished off. Adamant Purge will reappear soon, this time channeling Sapphire Weapon to detonate a single party member with a powerful direct-fire laser that the entire team should band together to share.

Diamond weapon: phase two

Diamond Weapon Auri Cyclone

Soon, Diamond Weapon will shed its armor and become an Ifrit skin for a while. At this point, he casts Auri Cyclone: ​​a skill that can quickly tip the whole fight south. He slams two large blue circles on the arena, starting with the one he faces first. Squeeze the circle closest to and toward the longer side of your chosen platform to avoid being thrown out of the arena. This will end up causing one side of the arena to fall into the clouds, so be sure to teleport to the other before it’s destroyed. Healers will want to complete the team before Outrage is cast to deliver a final blow.

Things only get more complicated from now on. After littering the airspace with a magitek field, Auri Arts is thrown. Diamond Weapon’s incoming sprint zigzag path will briefly appear underfoot. Identify a safe area and approach. Once he calms down, expect the tank to take a big hit from Auri Doomstead.

FFXIV Auri Arts Diamond Weapon

For a little while now, Diamond Weapon will be using the same attacks over and over. If Auri Arts is launched without the magitek field, expect a simpler dash and slam combo than before. When Verticle Cleave goes out, squeeze the enemy as close to the recoil markers as possible or use a skill like Surecast to cancel it. There is not much room for error here.

Diamond Weapon: Phase Three

Before long, Diamond Weapon is in danger of overheating and regaining its original armor, resuming combat in the first form. There are a few new tips here, but nothing to worry about. Now that you know the main mechanics, all you have to do is look for the clues and dodge the incoming damage.

Diamond Shrapnel is a simple case of repeated strikes following two party members that ends in a bigger bang for targets to position in corners of the arena, while Articulated Bits sets up miniature shooting claws. direct on half of each arena which are easily avoided. . Adamant Purge claws can be woven into the latter, so watch out for enemy hands to discern which side of the arena is truly safe.

With that barrage completed, Adamant Sphere arrives after a relatively tame Photon Burst, scattering four iconic meteor markers on both sides of the arena for the DPS to separate and permeate. Things seem to repeat themselves after this, but data from Emerald Weapon can come into play to distribute attack markers above each player which must be carefully separated to avoid big damage. That being said, this is the last really new attack. The fight weaves and repeats more or less until you knock the diamond weapon out of the sky for good.

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