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The Mother Crystal is a level 89 Trial in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. After clearing the Aitiascope, you will come to the Mothercrystal, where Hydaelyn resides. However, before she tells you how to find Meteion, you’ll need to prove your worth to the Goddess of Light.

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Hydaelyn is a tough opponent, and this ordeal will test your skills. Whether you go with other players or with trusted allies, prepare for a tough fight. Let’s listen, feel, and reflect on our way through this ordeal and go over all of Hydaelyn’s attacks and mechanics.

How to unlock the mother crystal

The Mothercrystal Trial is unlocked through the following main story quest.

  • Accept the quest from the main storyline “His children, all and all”
    • NPC location: Fourchenault – Labyrinth (x: 13.3, y: 27.5)

Follow this quest until you reach the Aitiascope dungeon. After completing the dungeon, you will unlock The Mothercrystal.

Test procedure

Hydaelyn in the Mothercristal trial

For the first time you are trying the Mothercrystal, we recommend that you use the Trust system. This is the first and, so far, the only Trial you can participate in with seven Trust allies, and they can help you immensely in learning to fight. They will dodge attacks and give calls to know where to move during certain mechanics, so make the most of it as much as possible.

In addition, if you play with Trusts, you will start combat with two piles of Willful, allowing you to instantly resurrect if you are killed. If you go through both stacks of Willpower and still fail, you will be grants an additional charge of Willpower.


The primary mechanism of Hydaelyn in the Mothercrystal is its ability to change your equipped weapon. When she equips different weapons, she trigger unique attacks that you will have to dodge. Later in the fight, this mechanic will be made worse by Crystallize, further increasing the number of mechanics you will need to pay attention to.

Around the arena is a thin golden edge; walk in this will instantly kills you, even if you have stacks of Willpower left. Although Hydaelyn does not use any knockback abilities, you will still need to watch carefully and stay away from the edge of the arena.

Below are each of the attacks and mechanics you’ll encounter while fighting Hydaelyn.

Phase 1

hydaelyn using the mantle of dawn to switch to dancer's arms
  • The shine of heroes: Deals moderate damage to all party members. Use AoE healing to recover.
  • Separation of heroes: Targets the main tank and deals high damage in an AoE cone towards them. The main tank must face the boss away from the rest of the party to prevent them from being affected by this attack.
  • Cloak of Dawn: Hydaelyn will launch this attack multiple times throughout the fight, change the weapon she currently has equipped. Each time she changes her weapon, she will use a different attack, depending on the weapon she equips.
    • Chakrams dancer (red symbol): Large AoE attack that covers most of the arena. there will be a small safe place directly under Hydaelyn, so move under the boss to avoid this attack.
    • White mage staff (green symbol): A circular attack at close range around Hydaelyn. Walk towards the edge of the arena to avoid this attack.
    • Paladin Sword (blue symbol): A AoE in the shape of a cross attack in the cardinal directions of the arena. Move around one of the corners of Hydaelyn to avoid.
  • Mousa’s contempt: Hydaelyn will target the main tank with a stack marker. the off-Tank will have to regroup with the main tank to divide the damage of this attack.
  • Shard of Magos: Deals damage to all party members.

Luminous phase crystals

Hydaelyn summoning crystals of light in the trial of mother crystals

When Hydaelyn reaches around 80% of her health, she will become untargetable and will summon six Crystals of light. In addition, she will begin to build the Conviction gauge. You’ll have to destroy all six crystals before the gauge is full to complete this phase without dying.

Hydaelyn will use the following attacks during this phase.

  • Hydaelyn Ray: Hydaelyn will create a orange line AoE in the center of the arena. This attack works the same way as a AoE proximity; the the further away you are from the center of the arena, the less damage you will take. Run to the edge of the arena to avoid. Hydaelyn goes repeat this attack between the next two attacks.
  • Crystalline Stone III: Targets a random player with a stack marker. Team up on the affected player to distribute the damage of Crystalline Stone III.
  • Crystalline Blizzard III: Targets all players with a AoE marker. Spread out to avoid overlapping this AoE.
  • Exodus: Deals high damage to all players and deals bonus damage based on the height of the Condemnation gauge is. This attack will be used when all six crystals are destroyed and will end the current phase.

Phase 2

hydaelyn casting exodus after accusing her conviction

After destroying the crystals, the ordeal will enter its second phase. Hydaelyn will have access to the following attacks.

  • Crystallize: Either targets a player with a stack marker Where all players with an AoE marker. Hydaelyn will throw this before using Dawn Mantle; the mechanics of Crystallize will only appear during or immediately after Hydaelyn uses Dawn Mantle, so get ready to face an extra mechanic after dodging his weapon switch attack.
  • Parhelion: A series of three sets of line AoE will spring from the boss, leaving a Chakram at destination near the arena. These will be fire in the order they are created. After dodging the first wave of Parhelion, Hydaelyn will use Sub-parhelion.

Chakams subparhelion around the edge of the area
  • Sub-parhelion: Chakrams created from Parhelion will be pull along their lines from the previous attack, dealing damage in their path. These will cover most of the arena and fight back in the same order as before. To avoid Sub-parhelion, position yourself in the AoE of the Chakram lines that will fire last, giving you time to move around the area of ​​the first lines once they explode.
  • Parhelic Circle: Green lines will appear on the ground which will explode and deal damage after a few seconds. Then, light orbs will be created above each green line, which will use a AoE attack surrounding himself. Run where there is a gap between green lines and stay there while the orbs explode to completely avoid the parhelic circle.
  • Radiant halo: Deals damage to all party members.

hydaelyn causing waves of golden light to move through the arena
  • Light wave: Four waves of light will appear in each of the Cardinal points of the arena. These will start slowly descending the online arena, dealing damage in their path. The moment they start to move will be staggered, which means they won’t all start moving at the same time. Use this delay to your advantage while avoiding waves, or stay close to the corner of the arena to dodge the light waves.
  • Echoes: Hydaelyn will target a random player with a stack marker. The echoes will be hit several times, so stay together for the duration of this attack. This attack will occur during Lightwave, so watch the waves when you regroup.

After seeing Light wave and Echoes, Hydaelyn will repeat all of his attacks from phases one and two for the remainder of the fight. The main things to watch out for during this test are Mantle of Dawn, Crystallization and Parhelion. Keep an eye on the weapon Hydaelyn is using and look at the order of the Chakrams during Parhelion to have the best chance of completing this trial.

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