How Saints Row’s LARP quest stands up to Life is Strange: True Colors’

Volition and Deep Silver Saints Row the reboot adds plenty of new features to liven up the series and start a new chapter for the franchise, including a mission that focuses on live action role-playing (LARP). Saints Row’s version of the popular pastime sees the player’s boss join crew member Eli as he tries to level up in his role-playing game, but some are investigating how it compares to other video games that feature Pastime.

LARP, while it may be something technically separate from the world of video games, has many similarities. It’s no surprise that many titles feature LARP, as the fan-favorite Borderlands series that includes both a DLC expansion and a standalone game focused on some sort of Borderlands/LARP/tabletop gaming mash up. Life is Strange: True Colorsthe latest installment in the popular episodic adventure series, also has a memorable LARP section, and players have drawn comparisons between it and Saints Rowunusual mission.


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Saints Row LARP Adventure

Saints Row is filled with a variety of missions that take players all over the fictional town of Santo Illeso, as well as a number of optional side quests. Some are similar to the classic Saints Row quests and activities, while others are new. The Dustmoot is a mission that allows players to bond with the mastermind of the group, Eli, as he introduces them to his hobby. At first, LARP seems like a very incongruous element to introduce into a game like Saints Rowbut many players enjoyed the change of pace from the rest of the gun-focused game.

Saints RowLARP’s side quest has a lot of comedy, like the reveal of treasure containing nothing but duct tape at the end of the mission after Eli and The Boss fight their way through an enemy fortress. This typically irreverent sense of humor carries over to the rest of the game, but some players felt that donning simplistic cardboard armor and pretending to punch other characters in over-the-top kills felt childish. Other players thought it was a quirky and fun mission, if a little hit and miss given the overall themes of Saints Row.

Comparing Saints Row to Life Is Strange’s Attempt

However, Life is Strange: True Colors‘ The LARP quest seems better thought out and relevant. It fits right into the mechanics of the game as a choice-based, dialogue-driven narrative, and is very entertaining and unique – while fostering a lot of Life is Strange: True Colors‘ central relationships. While some may think that the LARP mission in Saints Row it’s too childish Life is Strange: True Colors‘ embraces that and centers the quest around a child character as Alex tries to bond with Ethan and cheer him up.

The whole town gets involved, and it shows how well Alex has managed to integrate into the community, marking a turning point in its history. This makes the section not only narratively meaningful, but also emotionally poignant as Alex and Ethan try to come to terms with Gabe’s death. Saints Row didn’t need to completely mimic this – a similar setup would have looked completely out of place in-game – but it lacks Life is Strange: True Colors‘ seriousness that makes his LARP section healthy and sweet. Saints Rowis fun, silly, and a little weird, but it’s proven to be much more divisive among the playerbase.

Saints Row is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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