How playing an Argonian in The Elder Scrolls 6 will likely be different from Skyrim

While Skyrim is getting PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades in November, many will undoubtedly be looking to the future and The Elder Scrolls 6. The re-release is another opportunity to play Skyrim while waiting for the new game, as well as to experience many races of Tamriel. However, ranging from Skyrim To The Elder Scrolls 6 will inevitably involve a ton of changes.

Skyrim’s environment was cold and ruthless, with the North’s presence felt everywhere. So, players can expect big changes regarding Skyrim‘s Nords in The Elder Scrolls 6, as they move from a life of home and honor to their more maritime nature.

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As it stands, the main rumor for The Elder Scrolls 6The setting for s is both Hammerfell and High Rock. Not only does this make sense when it comes to using both countries, but it has apparently been teased in Starfieldthe E3 trailer. This will be a big change for many races of Tamriel from a gameplay and role-playing perspective, but sadly it looks like it’s probably the same for the Argonians.

The climate and environments of Hammerfell and High Rock are unlikely to impact Argonians, at least based on their in-game stats. Argonians are great at stealth, can recover health quickly, can resist diseases and can breathe underwater. When it comes to traits, they’re all pretty universal in gameplay. Stealthy in Ancient scrolls will always be popular, being able to heal quickly is always beneficial, the disease persists everywhere, and the ability to breathe underwater will always be useful.

There are plenty of places in and around Hammerfell and High Rock to go underwater, all keeping the same. Hammerfell can make this aspect a bit more difficult, but it’s not exactly like this is the most important game mechanic likely to appear in the game.

Gameplay will likely remain fairly neutral, but RPG as an Argonian will likely remain on the negative side of the spectrum. That’s not to say their role-playing is bad, but that they’re strangers everywhere they go. The beast races of Tamriel, especially the Argonians and Khajiit, are not really welcome anywhere outside of their homelands. They are looked down upon in every game, so while they’re not necessarily rare, they’re usually bandits, mercenaries, Skooma dealers, etc. This inherent bias against Argonians makes PR interesting, but it also means everything but one major change in Tamriel locks them into this role.

The only way any of the base games could present the full extent of Argonians or Khajiit is by defining a new Old scrolls game at Black Marsh or Elsweyr. However, this is unlikely to happen, due to their more alien nature to players.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development.

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