How Miitopia relates to the Legend of Zelda and the Final Fantasy Chocobos

The version of Miitopia available on Nintendo Switch is linked to The Legend of Zelda franchise and characters from Final Fantasy.

Miitopia was eventually ported to the Nintendo Switch, and the new version of the game is connected to both the Final fantasy and THE Legend of Zelda franchises. Miitopia is an RPG that significantly brought Miis back to Nintendo consoles.

The gameplay of Miitopia is an extension of the life simulation aspects of Tomodachi Life, or tThe player creates Miis and gives them character classes so that they can go on an adventure. The Mii Maker in Miitopia on Switch has been greatly improved, allowing players to create all kinds of characters and send them on quests. Players can create Miis based on themselves and their friends, or search online for codes, which can then be used to load custom Miis created by other players.

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Miitopia attracted attention online for the amazing fan-made Miis that were developed for the demo of the Switch version of the game. Miitopia was developed in-house by Nintendo, while the Switch version was ported by Grezzo. It’s no wonder the Switch version is getting so much attention, given the pedigree Grezzo has brought to the project.

Grezzo’s connection to Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda

The CEO of Grezzo is Kochi Ishii, who founded the company in 2007. Ishii has had a long career at Square Enix, dating back to the first Final fantasy game on Famicom. He worked on the original three Final fantasy games before moving on to Mana series, where he directed or produced all the franchise entries until his departure from the company. Ishii was also the director of Final Fantasy 11. His greatest achievement with Square Enix dates back to his early days with the company, as he is credited with creating the Chocobos in Final fantasy 2 and the Moogles in Final Fantasy 3.

Grezzo has had a close relationship with Nintendo since its inception, with its first game (Online attack heroes) outgoing for the Wii. The company is closely associated with THE Legend of Zelda franchise, because it managed the Nintendo 3DS ports of Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask, the DSiWare version of Four Swords Anniversary Edition, Tri Force Heroes, and the remake of Link’s Awakening. This means that the team behind Miitopia handled some of the best The Legend of Zelda games of all time, and is closely related to some of the most popular aspects of Final fantasy series.

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Miitopia is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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