How FFXIV’s History Makes It the Greatest MMO

Final Fantasy XIV places an RPG story above its MMO mechanics, making it a unique and compelling entry into an incredibly crowded genre.

Not all MMOs survive their first or two years, and although Final Fantasy XIV got off to a rocky start, the game has made a comeback and is now one of the biggest MMOs out there. While still good for years, it has recently grown thanks to new content and fans dropping other games like World of warcraft. Part of the reason he’s managed to get audiences is because of FFXIVunique structure. While most MMOs have deep lore and lore, Final Fantasy XIV brings these things to the fore in a way that other games don’t.

FFXIV has a story spanning the main game and four expansions with the last one, Endwalker, just started this month. Each tells their own epic story which draws on FFXIVthe world, characters and traditions of ‘s. There’s also plenty to do once the story is over, with side stories, end-game gear grinding, collectibles, higher difficulty content, and more. It’s a well-rounded MMORPG that does things a little differently – and in a good way.

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Instead of sending players on typical recovery quests, having separate info windows to the side, or accessing content only based on level, FFXIV Puts things back to the player through the story, which is the heart of the game. Everything from professions and transmog features to endgame content, can be accessed through some form of story, big or small. Everything connects, which is a refreshing take. Even characters return in minor and major roles, and locations are reused in significant ways. Nothing is really simple or a task like in other MMOs.

It’s not all cutscenes or slow buildups in FFXIV. Instead, the game’s story is built like a single-player RPG although not experienced as such. The player is at the center of a group of heroes contributing to different plots and lore, which is always expanding. While this content is solo, players are never really alone, as there is always the MMO element with communication and playing alongside others. Players can experience the story collectively when a new game comes out, contributing to a strong community of players who share the love of a good story.

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Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

FFXIV is a debut RPG with a lot of MMO elements to enjoy. Dungeons, raiding, crafting, collecting, collecting, and more are still part of the game, but these MMO core elements come alongside the story, making them more meaningful and less painful. This approach is a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional rhythm of MMOs. Even the slowest parts, like A kingdom reborn, have a purpose, as they build the world and introduce characters before embarking on heroic and more fleshy storylines.

It was this deep and compelling storytelling that made FFXIV so successful. While there are still a lot of gamers who prefer more traditional MMOs with a lot of grinding, PVP, and endgame focus, Yoshida and Square Enix have attempted to create something new, and it has worn their heads. fruits. Final Fantasy XIV does things other MMORPGs don’t, and its unique styling makes it a game RPG fans – even those who generally prefer single-player experiences – should try.

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