How different are the two games?

Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons are absolutely amazing games. However, they are quite different from each other. Although they fall under the Minecraft franchise, they are two completely different genres.

Due to the great popularity of Minecraft, many players did not give Dungeons a chance. Hopefully after reading this article, gamers will have a better idea of ​​Minecraft dungeons and decide to give it a try.

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Analysis of Minecraft and Minecraft dungeons


An in-game photo from Minecraft Dungeons (Image via u / ProBikeMechanic on Reddit)
An in-game photo from Minecraft Dungeons (Image via u / ProBikeMechanic on Reddit)

The most noticeable difference visually between Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons is the placement of the camera.

In Minecraft, players have the option of playing in first person or third person. In Minecraft Dungeons, the camera is positioned high above the player character in a top-down view.

When it comes to gameplay, the two games are completely different. Dungeons is a dungeon crawler, which means that the player’s goal is to progress and adventure through multiple stages until he reaches an end point. Players will face plenty of hostile mobs and bosses along the way. And they can’t build or mine in Minecraft dungeons.

Minecraft is a sandbox game, which allows players to do whatever they want without sticking to a linear path. Players can decide to defeat the bosses or just sit and fish all day. They also have the unique ability to completely alter their surroundings, hence the name of the sandbox.

Both of these genres are extremely enjoyable, and each has its pros and cons. Players who want a fast-paced gaming experience will prefer Minecraft Dungeons, and players who want to do things at their own pace will appreciate Minecraft.

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Another in-game photo from Minecraft Dungeons (Image via gameinformer)
Another in-game photo from Minecraft Dungeons (Image via gameinformer)

Although the gameplay of the two games is very different, Minecraft and Dungeons have many similarities.

First, many of the textures found in Dungeons are from the original Minecraft. The game implements updated versions and new blocks; however, everything is inspired by the original game.

As shown in the image above, many monsters from the original game are making a comeback in Dungeons. It includes new and interesting creatures that add story and surprise to the game.

The video above shows the first 20 minutes of Dungeons. This is ideal for players who want to get a taste of what Dungeons has to offer without purchasing the game themselves.

Players will realize how different these games are within the first 30 seconds of the video. Although the dungeons can be quite different from the original game, it is highly recommended that players give it a try as it could introduce them to a whole new genre of video games.

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