How Chrono Trigger is a plan for Square Enix to improve PC support

After four years of no update in between, a 27-year-old man Square-Enix JRPG is getting a surprise new update out of the blue. For Square Enix, it is particularly unusual that the trigger of a stopwatch on PC received an update, although the game apparently ended all major updates in August 2018. Initially, Square Enix worked on several updates for the Steam version of the trigger of a stopwatch after several fans complained to the publisher regarding the state of the PC port. After the fifth and former “last major update” of the patch for the trigger of a stopwatch released, many believed that over three years later another patch would not come. However, this new update brings a host of new features and compatibility.


What is interesting in the Steam version of the trigger of a stopwatch is that, in many ways, this indirectly led to Square Enix offering better support for the PC platform. Games like the “Windows edition” of Final Fantasy 15 helped get the ball rolling, but critical reception and fans of the trigger of a stopwatchThe PC port of enhanced the 1995 game beyond its SNES debut. A similar thing is currently happening with the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasterwhich would not have happened without the receipt of the trigger of a stopwatchof the Steam version. Square Enix should use its retroactive support of the trigger of a stopwatchthe PC version of as a reference for PC platform support in the future.

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History of Chrono Trigger on PC

the trigger of a stopwatchSteam’s initial release on Steam was marred by “mostly negative” reviews on the platform. Players cited issues such as limited resolution/graphics options, inability to remap controls or hotkeys, and a filter or mapping over the original art style that made things blurry and unoriginal. For a surprise port that has not been announced or announced beforehand, the trigger of a stopwatch was a big hit with fans, but not for the right reasons. In an opportunity where the Steam port could become the definitive version of the game (which die-hard fans previously thought the 3DS re-release was), Square Enix released a controversial port instead.

Post-release, rather than leaving the game status alone like the original Final Fantasy PC ports (which received similar reviews), Square Enix supported and updated the trigger of a stopwatch several times. With five updates between March and August 2018, reviews have steadily increased from previously negative sentiment to the current “very positive” average. Nowadays, many fans are satisfied with the status of the the trigger of a stopwatch PC release on Steam, especially compared to the game’s surprise release in February 2018. Given how happy fans were and several years without a substantial additional update until this year, many probably weren’t expecting any another update.

Now, the trigger of a stopwatch on PC (and mobile) is getting a new update that brings several new features to the improved port. The game can now be run on ultra-wide aspect ratios of up to 21:9, the mobile version of the game received “improved operability” (greater precision with touch controls), automatic combat speed accelerated to 1.5x to help speed up battles, as well as increasing the number of save slots to 20. This is an unexpected and welcome update from Square Enix that is proactive rather than reactive, which is an encouraging sign given Square Enix’s previous experience with PC platform support.

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Square Enix’s PC support is mixed, but improving

FF6 Pixel Remaster

Square Enix’s track record with the PC platform and its IP is mixed, even in the wake of this surprising the trigger of a stopwatch update. Ports of several classics Final Fantasy games to Steam have been adapted from mobile ports on Android/iOS, leading to similar criticism against the the trigger of a stopwatch port a few years ago. Even newer ports, like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake The port on the Epic Games Store suffered from similar reviews regarding poor graphics features, as well as performance issues. Deny automataThe Steam port of in particular has also come under heavy criticism, with performance issues requiring fan mods to fix compatibility issues.

However, there have been some improvements with Square Enix’s PC platform support lately, Final Fantasy 7 Remake next to. the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster in particular seems to be a direct and preemptive response to criticism from fans of the the trigger of a stopwatch and Final Fantasy PC ports in previous years. These versions offer faithful graphics in a higher resolution, greater hotkey customization, as well as added fanfare like re-orchestrated music, and even extensive gameplay overhauls. The opera scene at Final Fantasy 6 is the best example, as it’s completely revamped to feature 3D environments and perspective shifts, as well as all-vocal lyrics and performances alongside re-orchestrated music. These enhanced re-releases have all received “very positive” reception on Steam.

Many games, as part of the Pixel Remasteringalso retain many improvements in the trigger of a stopwatchon Square Enix’s PC port, indicating that fan concerns have been heard and acknowledged by Square Enix. Same Automatawhich had to be ported to PC again by a completely separate dev team, was able to fix a lot of issues with the Steam version of Deny automata thanks to a free update for players who owned the game, especially after players voiced their criticisms. While Final Fantasy 7 Remake has yet to receive the same treatment, Square Enix is ​​clearly listening to fan concerns.

Square Enix should look into the success of the trigger of a stopwatchupdates of, as well as the success of the games of the Pixel Remastering, as a starting point for better support on the PC platform. Even to this day it’s not fair to Final Fantasy fans have to complain to Square Enix again for a lackluster port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC, especially after the success of the old titles.

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