How Bahamut went from Final Fantasy 1 to FF15


Bahamut has been a part of Final Fantasy from the start, and this dragon summon has gone through many iterations over the years.

Changes in Final Fantasy 1 Bahamut

One of Final fantasyThe most extravagant element of the latter is its summons. Introduced in Final fantasy 3, these summons have stuck with the series, becoming more and more visually complex over time. They serve as a major magical power boost and often take a lot of resources. The Summons stable has remained fairly consistent over the years, with a recurring group appearing in almost every game. Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh, among others, are almost always there to help the heroes get through difficult battles. A ubiquitous part of waiting for a new one Final fantasy The game imagines how this list of mythical creatures and deities will be rendered in the style of the new game.

One of the main regular summons is the mighty dragon Bahamut. This massive creature is the source of one of the most powerful non-elemental spells in the series, Megaflare, which he casts on enemies with deadly impunity. He has been in almost all Final fantasy game, and usually figures prominently, being acquired after some sort of test or climax in history. His role has changed over the years, however, as Final fantasy games take different approaches to how summons are counted in their worlds.

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Bahamut in Final Fantasy 1

One of Bahamut’s more unusual appearances is its first in the original. Final fantasy, which was made before the summons became a mechanic. Rather, Bahamut emerges as one of the most important NPC quest givers in the game. By collecting a Rat Tail from the Citadel of Trials, players could have this dragon grant them their enhanced job forms. This appearance of Bahamut is based mainly on the Dungeons & Dragons‘interpretation, in which he was the god of good dragons. This roughly equates to his typical role in FF like the Dragon King, demonstrating once again how Final fantasy owes its heritage to D&D.

The typical role of Bahamut in Final Fantasy

Of Final fantasy 3 through 13Bahamut was primarily relegated to being another invocation, although often set aside as a particularly powerful member of the group. Bahamut was rarely characterized, but when he was, he was often a noble warrior king who rewarded the worthy with power. Any battles against him have often been fought with the impending Megaflare in mind, especially when some of his alternate selves like Dark Bahamut were there. Some of these variants could also be invoked, with Final fantasy 7 players probably remember Bahamut ZERO. Despite Bahamut’s importance in summoning mechanics, it took a long time for him to gain a central role in a main story.

Bahamut in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn Bahamut Terraflare

Even in the original rebooted FF14, Bahamut was a notable presence, serving as the Primal of apocalyptic destructive power. Bahamut’s assault on Eorzea is one of the main reasons Final Fantasy 14: A Kingdom Reborn has its subtitle. Indeed, Bahamut was such a threat to the world that it became the center of the ARRfirst major raid. Final Fantasy 14 Most of the time, the Summon-inspired Primals were antagonists, but the Summoner class eventually gained access to Demi-Bahamut as one of their summons.

Bahamut in Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 is the dragon’s last appearance, and it once again shows modern Final fantasyof the commitment to include the summons in its plots. Bahamut serves as a sort of supreme god in Final Fantasy 15‘s pantheon, guiding Noctis through parts of his journey. However, like the DLC and Final Fantasy 15 -Dawn of the Future- reveal, he was less charitable to humanity than he presented him. Bahamut is the final boss of Final Fantasy 15the multiplayer of fraternity expansion, and was later added as an exclusive bonus boss in the Google Stadia port. With Final Fantasy 16 promising to change the role of Summons again, players should once again fight against or alongside Bahamut. It will be interesting to see how the next Final fantasy the game is approaching its mighty Dragon King.

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