Honor Among Thieves reveals prequel novels

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Before meeting the ragtag party adventuring in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves next year you will meet some of them… hero a little ahead, thanks to two new Penguin Random House novels.

io9 has the first details on The Druid’s Call and The road to Neverwintertwo prequel novels written by E.K. Johnston and Jaleigh Johnson respectively. The Druid’s Callas the name suggests, will follow the film’s Sophia Lillis character, Doric, a Tiefling druid we saw in the trailer delighting us primarily by transform into an owl bear.

no matter how much J&D nerds are complaining that it’s against the rules of the game for druids to transform into an owl bear, watching a vivacious young druid do it to possess a bunch of people is quite entertaining. The Druid’s Call will explore Doric’s early life as she discovers her powerful connection to nature and fulfills, well, her calling as a druid, so maybe we’ll learn why she can transform into a monstrous, yet somewhat adorable and fluffy. Other than the fact that it’s fun as hell. Discover full coverage for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves – Call of the Druid below by Alice Duke!

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Less is known about Johnson The road to Neverwinter at the minute, but as the name suggests, we are likely to visit the infamous Jewel of the North, one of Faerûn’s most powerful and cosmopolitan city-states. Stay tuned to io9 for more on the book soon!

The Druid’s Call and The road to Neverwinter will be released in February 2023. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2023.

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