Here’s how to watch the Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 live letter

Final Fantasy 14′The latest Patch 6.2 Live Letter from Producer Naoki Yoshida goes live today (July 1) at 4am PT. Here’s how you can watch it in English.

Square Enix announced a few days ago that the producer of FF14 would be presenting his last letter live to discuss the upcoming changes to be made in Patch 6.2. The presentation slides will be in Japanese and English – however, additional information provided by Yoshida will be in Japanese only.

As the broadcast of the FF14 Patch 6.2 live letter is encouraged by the publisher, some fans of the game do it in order to interpret Yoshida’s words in other languages. We found such an unofficially translated restream, where user Iluna Minori will perform the letter live in English, and as it happens, for all FF14English-speaking fans.

Those who would prefer to watch only the official live letter – with English slides and Japanese audio – can watch the presentation here. It should be noted that the stream will air in its entirety on Minori’s channel.

As reported by Fanbyte, the latest patch notes would contain information about new Island Sanctuary content, an explanation of the new Criterion Dungeons, and an expansion of the Duty Support/Trusts system in toward the skyMSQ dungeons. There are also rumors that a number of job changes will be announced.

It is also suspected that patch 6.2 will be released between mid and late August this year. If true, fans won’t have long to wait between the live letter and the release of the patch.

In other FF14 news, players have already tried the best makeovers for Upgrading, and if you’re new to the franchise, you can find a host of tips and tricks in our FF14 Beginner’s guide.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GL HF.

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