Here’s how different classes of DUNGEONS and DRAGONS would shoot arrows


We don’t want to admit how many times we’ve watched this video. David the Arrow Bard took to TikTok to show us what he liked Dungeons and dragons character classes would look like arrows in real life. And wow, her video makes us laugh. Anyone who has ever forgotten to cast Hunter’s Mark before shooting, this one’s for you.

Wizards of the Coast / David the Bard with Arrows

David the Arrow Bard, passing blumineck on TikTok, collect a compilation of D & D classes like the ranger, fighter, cleric and many more wield a bow. He absolutely nails it. Watch until the end for a spicy surprise!

Have you watched it several times in a row? Its good. U.S. too. We can’t decide if our favorite part is the sassy bard or the barbarian just throwing arrows at the target.

David is obviously a veteran D&D player who knows the pain joy of rolling to attack with a bow. He’s also an experienced archer in real life and incredibly graceful on the pole. All together this makes it super entertaining to watch and instant follow on TikTok.

You’ll find other nerdy David the Arrow Bard-themed archery videos like this ode to Hawkeye with some subtle references to Matt Fraction and David Aja’s now classic run. If you know, you know.

Please note: the song is NSFW.

Additional Dungeons and dragons, training arrangements, and much more can be found on David the Arrow Bard’s phenomenal TikTok account. He always hits the target. (We couldn’t resist.)

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