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One of the best aspects of Dungeons & Dragons (or any tabletop roleplaying game really) is the ability to create a world with your friends. Something I tried to improve myself as a DM involves my players in world building instead of making all the decisions. The trick is that it can be difficult to figure out how to get your players to help build the world. Walk in Matthew Koentjoro with his 101 history questions for world building. This unofficial supplement helps provide you with prompts to ask your players and let them build the world with you. It’s definitely something I’m looking to add to my DM toolbox.

Working with your table to create the world you all play in can lead to greater player investment and emersion in your Dungeons & Dragons game! With 101 Story Questions for Worldbuilding, you’ll have a rolling table that can provide instant topics for inspiring discussion.

Delve into character backgrounds, location history and geography, as well as local legends and trade topics.

Team up with your players to craft details for the in-game world while keeping the off-game chat excited and exciting!

You can buy 101 history questions for world building from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $2.97.

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