HeistGeist Brings Cyberpunk Deck Building Action To Rock In 2023

Developer Doublequote Studio has announced their new project: a cyberpunk deck-building game called HeistGeist, which is slated to launch on Switch in 2023.

His story seems to be fairly typical of cyberpunk tales, involving a group of specialized thieves who join forces to hack into secure corporate systems. You’ll plan elaborate heists, incorporating stealth mechanics to avoid detection. Failing that, combat systems use cards for battle tactics, forcing players to upgrade their decks and use combo attacks to win.

Here is a list of game features steam page:

– Set in an original post-cyberpunk world based on real locations in a fictionalized version of 2040s Central Europe

– Follow the story of Alex, a hitman, as she tries to pick up the pieces of her lost reputation after her last job goes horribly wrong. On the run from hitmen and a disgruntled client, Alexandra must do her best to stay alive as she prepares for the heist of her life.

– Assemble a team of professionals made up of unusual allies with a very particular skill set. Plan highly sophisticated heists for super secret prototypes or classified corporate information. But be prepared that even the best-laid plans can get messy at times. Adapt to change, make the right choices, stay alive and above all, get the job done.

– If stealth isn’t an option, fight guards and automated security systems in tactical map-based battles. Find your own playstyle, build your deck, upgrade your cards, and unleash powerful combinations on your enemies

– Hack into the most secure business systems in our reimagining of the cyberspace network working with a special card-based hacking mechanism. Break through strong barriers, avoid deadly ICEs and run powerful programs and viruses to access data storages full of valuable data.

We’ll be sure to provide more information on the game, including its eventual release date, as we get it.

Are you interested in grabbing HeistGeist when it launches in 2023? Let us know with a comment!

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