Gloomhaven digital game to launch next month

The long-awaited digital version of the blockbuster board game Gloomhaven will be released next month. After two years in open beta, Asmodee Digital announced that its IT adaptation of Gloomhaven will officially release on Steam on October 20. The game comes with over 250 different missions to complete, split between a campaign mode and the Guildmaster mode which is unique to the digital game. Asmodee estimates that the game will take around 200 hours or more. All 17 classes from the original board game will also appear in the digital adaptation of Gloomhaven, and the digital version will include the ability to play up to four players in cooperative mode.

Gloomhaven is an in-depth strategy game that combines the attributes of a fantasy tabletop role-playing game with a tense and evocative combat system. Campaign mode is split into two parts – players can upgrade their gear and abilities in the town of Gloomhaven before venturing into the wilderness surrounding the border town to complete various scenarios. At the start of each turn, players choose two cards from their hand. Each card contains two actions – players choose the upper action of one card and the lower action of the other card. Once the cards are played, they are discarded and can only be collected by taking a long rest. One of the keys to Gloomhaven’s strategy is that taking a long rest requires a player to permanently get rid of one of their discarded cards for the remainder of the scenario. This means that players not only have a list of abilities to use, but they also have a limited number of turns before they run out of cards and lose automatically. You can check out a preview of the game below:

Gloomhaven is currently the top ranked game on BoardGameGeek, the leading review site and forum for table games. The two Gloomhaven Kickstarters (for a first and second impression) raised over $ 4 million. A sequel game, Frosthaven, is currently in development and has raised nearly $ 13 million on Kickstarter.

The full digital version of Gloomhaven will retail for $ 34.99 and be available on PC and macOS devices. The game will officially release on October 20.

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