GiantLands is now a TSR game

A new type of role-playing game made in Wisconsin

Lac Léman, WI, May 27, 2021 – ( – Wonderfilled Inc. President Stephen Erin Dinehart IV has announced that his project GiantLands with gaming legends James M. Ward, E. Gary Gygax Jr., Larry Elmore, Jeff Dee and more, a role-playing game from table, will now be part of the Tactical Rules Studies ( family of games. “GiantLands is the latest creation of shared imagination, the ability to create a palette where others can immerse themselves in your own creation,” said co-creator E. Gary Gygax Jr. Executive Vice President of TSR Games .

“It is with great pride that we have succeeded in securing the use of the TSR name and participating in building a new brand with it. Born here originally in 1973 and brought back to the people who created this new form of play thanks to Justin LaNasa. By working with video game legends to create GiantLands, we can now call it the first in a new list of TSR Games products, ”said Dinehart from the steps of the newly opened TSR Dungeon Hobby Shop, which recently housed the Original Dungeons & Dragons. reopened by Gygax Jr. & LaNasa. GiantLands is a tabletop role-playing game and eventual theme park designed to bring home the cutting edge of immersive storytelling and role-playing games.

GiantLands is Wonderfilled Inc.’s first in-house project under the direction of Dinehart (Company of Heroes, FEAR 3, Evermore Park, Universal’s Super Nintendo World), game designer James M. Ward (TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons, Gamma World) E Gary Gygax Jr. and artist Larry Elmore (Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance, Star Frontiers).

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