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I’m a true Final Fantasy fan who grew up with the original Final Fantasy VII. There was nothing else like it, and I was immersed in the intrigue. So I couldn’t wait to play Final Fantasy VII: Remake when it came out, which I did once I finally got a PlayStation 5. One thing that came out was how gorgeous it was. , as well as the excellent dubbing. If you want to revisit your memories of this game in a new way, Check out this Amazon offer that will save you $ 35 on this game today.

This deal is only for the PlayStation 4 edition of this game, which costs $ 25. While you might be worried that it might not look as good as the PS5 version, I know it will be because I played the game with PS4 graphics the whole time and only noticed it afterwards. to have finished. If you are looking for a discount on the deluxe edition, you are out of luck, but you can get Intergrade for $ 45 if you have a PS5. And if you don’t have a PS5, check out our tracker to stay up to date with all the latest news regarding the return to stock of the PS5.


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