Genshin Impact Player manages to level every hero to max level 90

A determined Genshin Impact player has successfully leveled all playable characters currently available in the game to their maximum level of 90.

A determined Genshin Impact The player has successfully leveled all the playable characters currently available in the game to their maximum level of 90. The free-to-play action role-playing title featuring an open world and anime design with an optional multiplayer mode has been originally published in 2020. Since then, Genshin Impact exploded in popularity, beating games like fortnite and GTA V of turnover in its first year. The characters of Genshin Impact are constantly expanding and players spend a lot of energy and money to unlock them all and maximize their levels.

HoYovers (formerly known as miHoYo) Genshin Impact is a gacha game, which means players are encouraged to spend in-game money in order to unlock random items. Characters belong to 7 different elemental power groups that players can use together in their party of 4 in order to fight effectively. When Genshin Impact first launched, there were only 19 characters to choose from. Currently, there are 47 playable characters, but two more Hydro characters were recently leaked and may be playable in the near future.


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A keen player of Genshin Impact not only unlocked all available characters in the game, but also managed to bring every character to the max level of 90. In a post on Reddit, user Veemenothz shared evidence of his in-game achievement, showing a capture 47 character list screen shots upgraded to max. Veenemenothz states in the comments that since they worked to level all heroes, they are currently working on optimizing the characters that are the most in their party, including 5 stars Genshin Impact characters such as Kazuha, Klee, Keqing and Zhongli. Although many players who progressed this far in the game spent a lot of time and money to do so, Veemenothz said they played 30-60 minutes a day and did not reveal how much real money they had actually invested in Genshin. Impact.

Although the open world and the action-based combat system are loved by players, the characters and their designs are arguably the most important. Some players have even spent massive sums on microtransactions to Genshin Impact in order to unlock them all and optimize the characters for the best possible fights in the game. Collecting and leveling up characters are some of the most exciting aspects of Genshin Impactbut players also complete story and commission quests or clear estates in order to increase their adventure rank and world level and experience the intricate lore of the RPG.

New characters are released approximately every 6 weeks along with new banners that allow players a higher chance of unlocking currently available heroes. It’s not an easy task to wish everyone success Genshin Impact characters and bring them to the maximum level, but avid players of the game have achieved it. Now fans of Genshin Impact have their eyes on the leaked striking Hydro character named Ayato and then work on leveling him up.

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Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android and PC.

Source: Veemenothz/Reddit

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