Geeking with RPG and NFT: AdaQuest will hold a public sale on KICK․IO

It’s surprising how many NFT enthusiasts love RPGs as well. Looking back, it was really only a matter of time before someone fused those two passions into one.

that’s why KICK.IO launch bar is thrilled to announce a fun and exciting new project – AdaQuestan NFT-based role-playing game. AdaQuest is a unique RPG project that uses collectible NFT hero cards in the Cardano blockchain to let you adventure in the fictional world of Ada. Each card represents a unique character, allowing its owner to use it as in a classic Pen & Paper adventure.

NFT-hero cards are collectible and are redeemable on the AdaQuest Marlet. Future releases will also include new unique items, special maps and everything you need to create your own role-playing character and go on an adventure in the different game modes. The native of the ecosystem The QT token provides metaverse access, cosmetics, and offers discounts on all NFTs within the AdaQuest Marlet.


An NFT-based RPG project on the Cardano blockchain.

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Public sale on KICK.IO

The QT seed stage will begin on February 8 at 12:00 UTC and continue until February 12 at 12:00 UTC, with a priority round starting on February 7 at 12:00 UTC. Our projections indicate substantial investor interest, so be sure to mark the date!

Priority Tour Details

  • Start: February 7, 12:00 UTC
  • End: February 8, 12:00 UTC
  • Available for sale: 10,000,000 $QT
  • Lock-up period: 12 weeks and 6 weeks bi-weekly vesting.
  • Requirements to participate: 10,000 KICKs staked in a locked pool
  • In order to participate in the referral system for the priority round, 10000 KICK must be staked in one of the locked pools.

Public sale details

  • Start: February 8, 12:00 UTC
  • End: February 12, 12:00 UTC
  • Available for sale: 25,000,000 $QT
  • Lock-up period: 12 weeks and 6 weeks bi-weekly vesting.
  • Payment options: ADA
  • In order to participate in the referral system for the public sale, 10000 KICK must be staked in one of the locked pools.


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