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The post-apocalyptic setting of a role-playing game isn’t exactly revolutionary, but Experiment 101 tries to do things a little differently, focusing more closely on nature Biomutant. Instead of the human race, animals have risen to take their fair share of the world. With their martial arts prowess and technological ingenuity, the animals took the upper hand and faced danger with Earth facing the end once again, and that’s where you come in as the Chosen One.

As the Tree of Life approaches a crossroads of sorts, the player enters the breach against a backdrop of tribal wars, monstrosities that end the world, and the heavy lesson of environmental destruction due to free use of toxic chemicals. From the moment you start creating your creature, the quirk of how the developers present familiar RPG tropes will manifest itself.

Depending on which base stat you want to focus on, the creature morphs and morphs in real time. With the class you choose, the standard archetype of Fantastic Heroes comes to life. That is, if your chosen hero is a purple rodent, a staff with a propensity to use firearms and a natural affinity with psychokinetic powers.

In fact, the designs and environments Biomutant are definitely a sight for sore eyes. Enemies come in a healthy variety, while the world, in general, looks like a treat with the different biomes and the conditions that come with them. It’s a vibrant world that’s ripe for exploration, filled with fantastic creatures and a semblance of civilization.

In this direction, Biomutant succeeds very well in bringing together elements seen from his obvious inspirations. As you rush to complete quests and make your way to the inevitable conclusion, it’s not hard to see the nuances of The legend of Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, and a pinch of Kung Fu Panda here and there. This is truly a one-of-a-kind post-apocalyptic martial arts RPG experience with animals.

However, if you peel the diapers off, the issues and issues that constantly crop up during Biomutant make it less of a mouthwatering role-playing dish.

After character creation, you’re basically immersed in the open world to create your own adventure. With the tribes at war over the decision to save the Tree of Life or let it perish, your first decision will point you towards the first major quests of Biomutant.

This involves either taking control of enemy outposts by force or using the persuasive powers of your Silver Tongue to clear your way. Either way, you’re watching a constant, repetitive cycle of outposts and boss fights that offer little variety. You can’t even outsmart the game using geometry, with invisible walls blocking any advance other than tired, old-fashioned approaches.

It doesn’t matter if you go the wrong way or the right way, because the same outpost requires the same solution. It’s a shame, considering the dynamics that could have played with your chosen team.

The same unease extends to the many different side quests and objectives. You’ll always be collecting stuff for someone, or you’ll kill a bunch of stuff, rinse, and repeat. Even for the greatest Worldeater bosses who hold the key to the Tree of Life, you follow the same formula just to prepare. It becomes a tedious exercise.

All of this only increases the feeling of missed opportunities with Biomutant. The created world certainly deserves better. Filled with remnants of civilization and offering an impressive scale when it comes to the landscape made up of a variety of eye-catching environments for players to let off steam, Biomutant it’s great to testify.

The enemies you encounter are also great for marveling, even when they are kicking you in the buttocks. Each tribe has a distinct style when it comes to weapons and armor, with small and large creatures making up the numbers.

Not to mention the many other animals that have embraced their mutations or dominated their biomes. While they aren’t always the smartest or most dangerous threats, they certainly make up for the post-apocalyptic part.

So it makes perfect sense that Experience 101 provided players with an equally confusing number of ways to deal with these intruders.

The way you approach combat will likely be different than someone else playing the game, and that’s great. You might specialize in quick one-handed cuts or prefer the unmatched power of a crushing hammer. Rifles, pistols, machine guns and more expand ranged combat options.

You even have the aforementioned special powers, freezing your opponents, growing bouncing mushrooms, or shooting radiation wicks just to screw with those unfortunate enough to stand in your way. The way the game allows players to explore and find their favorite playstyle is something to admire.

Combination moves can also lead to a special state called Super Wung-Fu, where you slow down time and perform damaging super moves that can level the playing field in a pinch. If only the rest of the game could match the creativity shown for combat and design.

Something should also be said about the narrator, who constantly appears to share information about the world or to translate the speech about animals. Although it was really lovely at first, the glaring difference between some of the messages and the delivery can be too jarring during the whole. Biomutant live. Great speeches don’t exactly go hand in hand with childish jokes and comments.

Despite its flaws, Biomutant has something to do. Its uniqueness in space and the variety offered to players are aspects that would satisfy most RPG fans. However, its lack of polish when it comes to designing quests, puzzles, and meaningful choices relegates it to a game that simply can’t keep up with the development of its more illustrious peers.

Biomutant is available on the PSN Store for $ 79.90.



Aim for the top but fall hard, Biomutant leaves us wondering what could have been if he had just made significant changes.

  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • History – 6/10
  • Presentation – 7/10
  • Value – 6/10

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