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Asobism Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Tomohisa Ote) announces the launch of its first Steam title, “Vivid Knight”, available on Steam starting May 26e, 2021 (PST).Asobism, developer and provider of popular “Castle & Dragon” and “Dragon Poker” smartphone games, announces the launch of its first Steam title, “Vivid Knight”, available on Steam starting today, May 26e, 2021 (PST). Gather allies with unique skills to participate in fun and authentic dungeon battles!

Official site of “Vivid Knight”

Steam store page “Vivid Knight”

Roguelike game based on the “Vivid Knight” party

The first title created for Steam by Asobism, developer and supplier of popular “Castle & Dragon” and “Dragon Poker” smartphone games. The key to this roguelike game is to find the knights that have been trapped in jewelry by the dark witch and then add them to your party to harness all their skills, so you can be ready to fight.

Context of the story

A small kingdom surrounded by a beautiful land. The main character, Amélie, is a bustling princess who sneaks out of the castle daily to visit the White Manor, where she immerses herself in the study of jewelry witchcraft.One day, Amélie returns to the castle as usual to find that all the inhabitants of the kingdom have been turned into gems and taken by the black witch.Amélie descends into the underground labyrinth, where the witch and her monsters lie in wait. Will she be able to save the king and the people of the kingdom?


Crystal Princess Amélie
The main character, a boisterous princess.
She used to sneak out of the castle every day and go play at the Manoir Blanc.
One day, she sensed that something was wrong with the kingdom and returned to find that the dark witch had turned people into gems.
To save the king and his people, she travels through the labyrinth.

White Witch Zeola
A beautiful witch living in the White Manor near the kingdom.
Realizing that the people of the kingdom have been turned into jewels,
she travels through the maze to help her sister.

The black witch
A witch who covets jewelry and all that glitters.
he has long transformed monsters from outside the kingdom into jewels to add to his collection. Now, in her quest for ever more beautiful treasures, she has transformed the inhabitants of the kingdom into gems and dragged them into the labyrinth.

“Vivid Knight” is a strategy game in which you explore randomly generated dungeons, with the aim of defeating bosses lurking in lower floors. As you travel, meet knights who have been turned into gems, add them to your party, and use all of their skills to win battles. Building parties is the key to the game! Create the strongest party possible!

at ?? »Collect the keys from the monsters on each floor and target the lower floors.

at ?? »Turn-based battles, where players fight with gems.

Party building
As you travel, meet knights who have been turned into gems, add them to your party, and use all of their skills to win battles. Building parties is the key to the game! A unit is a piece of jewelry, each with its own color and symbol. Create a group with up to six units. Match units with same color or symbol to activate symbol powers. The more symbols of a similar type you collect, the more powerful you become!

at ?? »Ten colors available in total, including yellow, blue and red. Random colored jewels also appear in each game.

at ?? »Collect jewels of the same color to activate their power!
çµµã ??  ¨æ ????  at ??  at ??  ®å ??  å · ¥ å ????  vs ????  ä½ ??  at ????  精度ã ??  §È ??  ªå ????  vs ????  at ??
– Shock (yellow): Deals a fixed amount of damage when subjected to damage

-Freeze (blue): reduces physical damage

-Burn (red): deals a fixed amount of damage for each action

at ?? »Collect the same symbols to activate their power!

Examples of symbol powers
Combat: increases physical damage done
Iceblade: freezes an opponent
Sorcery: increases magic damage done
Barrier: reduced instead of HP.
Paralysis: blocks actions based on a probability value
Mirror: Gem effects activate twice.
Sunlight: Increases damage caused by a gem

at ?? »13 different symbols available in total. Several symbol powers can be activated under certain conditions, so they are the key to advancing in the dungeon.

You can also use props with symbol powers!

Unit upgrade
Upgrade units by collecting a number of the same units. An upgraded unit not only has better status, but it is also able to activate its powers even from outside the group! This increases the range of your party’s power even further!

Units and monsters
Let’s introduce the units that have been transformed into jewels, each with their own unique personality, as well as the monsters in the dungeon!

at ?? »Knight Heliodor
A young knight newcomer.
What he lacks in competence he makes up for with enthusiasm.

at ?? »Knight Bruce
A young knight newcomer.
As the most responsible among his peers, the other young knights admire him.

at ?? »Knight Garnet
A young knight newcomer.
She’s usually cool and laid back, but when it’s time for a fight, she runs rings around the enemy.

at ?? »Chrome Vent Green
at ?? »Phantom Thief Sly
at ?? »Sun Knight Sol
at ?? »Moon Knight Moon

at ?? In addition, there are over 50 other units to add to your party.

at ?? The monsters stand in your way!

at ?? »Target the lower floors of the dungeon!

Also launch of the Bundle version with Soundtrack!
In addition to the regular edition ($ 14.99) launching on Steam today, May 26 (PST), the company is releasing the bundled version with soundtrack ($ 21.98), containing a total of 31 tracks. background music of “Vivid Knight”. The soundtracks were composed by Kohei Matsuoka and Ryosuke Kojima, the sound creators of several background music tracks from the smartphone games “Castle & Dragon” and “Dragon Poker”. We hope you enjoy these new tracks that bring the world of “Vivid Knight” to life!

Promotional video
Take a look at the battles in the dungeons, with Crystal Princess Amelie and her allies using jewelry sorcery to fight their enemies.

Game Info

Title: Vivid Knight
Steam store:
Genre: Roguelike / strategy
Platform: Steam
Release date: scheduled for May 27, 2021
Price: Regular Edition – $ 14.99, Soundtrack Edition (game + soundtrack) – $ 21.98 Supported OS: Windows 7, 64-bit or above
Number of players: 1
Official site:
Official Twitter account:
Copyright: ® 2021 Asobism Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Company Info

Company name: Asobism Co., Ltd.
CEO: Tomohisa Ote
Capital: 10,000,000 ¥
Founded: December 6, 2005
E-mail: [email protected]a????
Business: game design and development; design, development and management of partner sites; game advice.

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PR contact: Mio Yamaguchi
Phone: + 81-3-6551-2813
Fax: + 81-3-6551-2692
E-mail: [email protected]


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