Fortnite Player Creates Amazing Cyberpunk Town In Creative Mode


A determined Fortnite player spends around two weeks – in other words, fifteen days – building a great cyberpunk town in Creative Mode.

Fortnite gamers are used to finding weird and creative things in the game, but most of them are made by the developers. A Fortnite gamer challenged this trend with a stunning cyberpunk town built in the creative mode of the game Battle Royale.

Created by Redditor FiveWalnut8586, this island consists of a huge expanse of industrial urban sprawl, with a variety of towers towering up to gray skies. Many of the buildings appear to be half-finished, making the city look like a construction site in progress. It’s so expansive that it blends into the smog in this screenshot rather than showing viewers a definitive ending. Yes F0rtnite had a season dedicated to the cyberpunk aesthetic, this island could easily be an official environment. As is, it is easy to imagine UFOs descending from the reddish haze to remove Fortnite players.

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In the comments, FiveWalnut8586 claims to have built the city in about 2 weeks and provides the world code: 8521-2056-8182. The city was received with a mixture of disbelief and excitement. Several users expressed the belief that the screenshot was in fact a drawing created in Blender before the worldwide code was released. Even thereafter, users continued to post their confusion about the possibility of achieving this level of detail in Fortnite. A study has shown that playing Fortnite may be beneficial for children, but players may not have expected this kind of artistic opportunity to be on the table.

Several users asked about how FiveWalnut8586 had built the city and how they could build their own. Players may be able to understand where the interest is coming from – the subdued and ominous lighting on the island is quite a far cry from the vivid colors and cartoonish art style that are becoming iconic of Fortnite. Apparently, this darker atmosphere was achieved by playing around with the filters in Creative Mode. Fortnite Creative Mode also still allows players to use the Infinity Gauntlet, which opens up the possibility for players to use its power to push each other out of those tinny cyberpunk towers while touring the island.

At the time of writing, Fortnite is already teasing an upcoming Loki skin. Marvel’s take on the God of Mischief may be a lot more heroic fantasy than sci-fi, but it still did a surprisingly good job of blending into high-tech settings throughout. movies. Loki would probably be at home on a cyberpunk themed island like this. Loki is slated to arrive in July, so interested players could probably build their own cyberpunk maze ahead of its release, or just prepare to explore the creation of FiveWalnut8586 with a new Asgardian look.

Fortnite is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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